I've been homebrewing for a little while now, and I've kinda gone crazy with it!  It didn't take long for me to switch to kegging, and shortly realized that I NEEDED a bar!  Since I move every couple of years, I wanted to make sure I could take it with me, and that it'd "fit" anywhere. 

The entire bar top is secured by screw's underneath and the keezer slides out from the back!

Step 1: It Starts With a Plan?

Well, I had a drawing on paper at least!  It was literally keeping me awake at night, so safe to say, much of the design was in my head. 

I started with a sturdy base.  A nice sheet of 3/4" plywood, framed underneath by 2x4"s, with two additional supports directly under where the majority of the load feet would rest.  One downside.  I didn't realize until too late that I made the base wider than an interior doorway.  While it will still fit through a 36" door, I won't be able to get it through bedroom doors if I wanted it to be in a future man-cave. 

For the rest of the support beams, I chose 2x3"s in an attempt to save a little mass / total weight.  After building the collar for the keezer (to raise the lid height), I was then able to get a better feel for the total height, and how tall the "legs" needed to be. 
<p>Beautiful. Love it. Great job and has added some &quot;ideas&quot; into mine I'm planning.</p>
I have a similar plan, and yours gave me a couple of ideas I want thinking of. I take it the center lid is your access to the keezer to swap kegs and so forth?
<p>That's correct! This way, I don't have to swing the bar out, and slide the keezer out the back to do it. </p>

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