Ok well, this is my first instructable, so here we go....

My friend's Birthday is coming up and she wanted a kitchen cart for her small kitchen. she only has likie 3' of counter space and doesnt have much room to do her cooking. Well , the one she wanted from Wal-mart was crap. the reviews said not to put anything on it heavier than a toaster or it'd collaspe. Well i didnt want to spend my hard earned money on a POS. So coming from a building background, I'm kinda handy to have around. Besides, i bought a bunch of (cheap, i.e. not very good, and definatly not craftsman) tools and needed an excuse to use them. Since this is done now, i know i need better tools. Craftsman tools. :D

This isn't a step-by-step, detail by detail, cut here, glue there, nail here, type instructable. its more or less the guide that i used to make my one-off creation. if you were to make one yourself, you could see what i did, how i did it, what i did wrong or right, my mistakes and what i did right. how i would do it differant, and what i would do the same.

So I asked my friend "B" what excatly she wanted/needed from her Kitchen cart. She wanted to be able to use her cart as a work surface, or when people are over she could push it out of the way and use it as a buffet table. It also needed to be able to store stuff. Most kitchen carts that ive seen are fairly small, they are portable, but they are small, and dont have much room for storage. Kitchen islands are bigger, have storage room, but arent moveable. So i thought why not combine the best of both worlds. I give you the Moveable Kitchen Island.

Stuff You Need:
Sheet of plywood
1/2 Sheet of beadboard
Upper kitchen cabinet - i got mine from Habitat Restore, more on that later...
4 - caster wheels  swivel and locking
tile - granite/ marble/ or porcelin
12" wide shelving

Tools Needed:
Table saw
Chop saw - you can probaly get away without using this if you have a table saw.
Brad nailer

Step 1: Begin.....

I love Habitat Restore. http://www.habitat.org/restores/default.aspx its a subsidary of Habitat for humanity. Its where builders, contractors, and home owners donate thier used or unwanted building materials. I get to be green, and save some cash. Who doesnt like saving money.

So I picked this upper cabinet up that met all my criteria. it has doors, shelving space, was a good size, and fit it my price range. I picked this up for $60 bucks.
the dimensions are 12" deep, 44" wide.
I want to make this island 24" deep 48" wide.

I removed the doors and glass from them, sanded the stained wood so i can paint it later.

Next step, sides and shelving side.


very nice
I like this as a chef with a small kitchen I always need more space. <br>This one gets saved to the hard drive and thanks for putting it up!

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