Introduction: Moveing a Component From One Sketch to a New Sketch in Fusion 360

This Instructable is on move a component from one sketch in fusion360 to a new sketch using past new.

I will also be showing how to fix the component if the sketch was created on a plane.

It is quite simple but a lot of people don't know how to do it.

Step 1: Selecting the Component to Be Moved

First step is to right click on the component to be moved.

Step 2: Click on Copy

Step 3: Opening and New Sketch

Left click on file and select New design.

Step 4: Where It Goes

Left click on Unsaved and click on Past new.

Move the component to where you want it to be and click ok.

Now give the component a name and save the component.

Step 5: Fixing the Errours

Activate the component by holding the mouse pointer on the component name and click on the white dot.

Expand the tree white arrow beside the components name.

Step 6: Setting New Origin

Click on the origin's light bulb so it turns yellow.

Left click on the sketch and select Redefine Sketch plane.

Step 7: Select New Plane for the Sketch

Select the plane you want the sketch to be on, it will disappear before this stage that's ok.

Click on ok, on the redefine sketch plane dialog box.

Step 8: It's Moved

It will show up with the body on the new plane, also the yellow highlight on the sketch will be gone .

Step 9: Getting Rid of the Last Problem

Left click on the yellow highlighted object down the bottom and select delete.

Step 10: Checking It Worked

Click on the Sketch light bulb so it turns yellow, it should look like the image, if it does not you have done something wrong.

included is this video


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Bio: I am a disabled person who likes to make things for me and others. I am ok at cnc cad/cam cant program very well
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