Introduction: Movie in a Box

do you want to watch movie cinema style in your phone. this invention will give you the experience that you are in a cinema without actualy going to an actual one.

Step 1: Materials

you need
a box, a headset, aome card board and some cable holder.

Step 2: The Body

you need the make the box to the size of your phone. cut it and then tape it so that the hole fits your phone.

Step 3: The Straps

take one cable holder and seperate the velcro away. then tape it to the box that you made in step 2

Step 4: Design the Inside of the Box

cut the bottom of

Step 5: Design the Inside of the Box

cut the bottom of the body. then cut small boxes and glue them to the bottom of the box. later design the screen.

Step 6: Insert the Headset

cut another cable holder and attach the outer side of the bottom of the box. your final product should look like this.

Step 7: The Finishing Touches

spray paint it and add any other desing to it.

Step 8:

and there you have it your very own personal cinema. Enjoy your show......

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johnathankoh (author)2013-08-04

you should try to make it now i spend my time watching using it

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-08-04

This is a pretty good idea!

Basement Engineering (author)2013-08-04

Funny little project, nice idea :D

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