Step 2: Equipment: Projector

After a lot of reading about them, I bought the best projector I could afford (<$300). This was refurbished. It is excellent.
You can see all the specs here: Epson EX3212 Projector

It uses 3 LCD screens -- the light is split with a prism and each color (red, green, blue) goes through its own screen. This looks better than DLP projects that have one LCD screen and then use filters to rapidly project one color at a time.

For the DVD player, I just used the one I had and connected with RCA cables. Only the video line (yellow) has to go from the DVD player to the projector. The audio (white/red) goes to the speakers.

**Updated: There are some other very awesome new projectors, if you are willing to spend a little more. These have HDMI capability, if that is your thing.

This one is expensive, but is wireless: Epson PowerLite 1761W 3LCD Projector

This one is under $400 and has 3D capability: Optoma W311 Full 3D

<p>If you want to avoid having a projector table blocking the view, use a sheet and project from behind. Most projectors have a &quot;reverse&quot; mode. The image can be seen, and the gear is hidden.</p>
<p>Not as big as yours but ... </p><p>We had a great time outside with this screen! Very cool to see it showing a movie. We also set up PhotoBooth.</p>
If your projector has HDMI input, then you could feed the video from an iPhone or Android phone. All you need is the correct adapter cable. For Android it is called MHL/HDMI. For iPhone it's called iPhone/HDMI. There are two standards for these cables. Newer phones (starting with Samsung Galaxy III) must use the newer cable. You can project anything you can play on your phone at 1080p resolution.<br> <br> Have you seen Santa Cruz's Guerilla Drive-In concept?&nbsp; Random dates playing random movies in several outdoor locations.&nbsp;
Looks like a ton of fun! What are the future plans?
Right, thanks! We are planning a summer series of movie nights for 2014 - something like Willy Wonka, Back to the Future and such. The goal being to make where we live be more awesome. I'll call it, Suburban Awsomecation. <br> <br>I also want to build a fully portable system; by mounting a projector and power inverter on the battery powered speaker (block rocker). <br> <br>Also some better night time photos...

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