Introduction: Movie Theater in Your Car

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This instructable will teach you a fast and simple way how to build a movie theater in your car.

The car that I am using is a Dodge Durango which has two rows of back seats and an outlet in the trunk.

Step 1: Supplies:

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What you will need:


White garbage bag

Keychain rings

Projector / homemade projector

Watching device


Clear duck tape


Car outlet adapter

Optional (charger)

Step 2: Making the Screen:

Picture of Making the Screen:

Measure the distance between the pull down hooks that you hang clothing on, in the car.

Cut 1 inch strips of cardboard the length of the measurement 4x. (Or you could hot glue layers of popsicles together for a more sturdy screen).

Tape two vertical strips of cardboard parallel to eachother and two horizontal strips parallel to eachother one in the middle of the vertical strips and one on the bottom.

Cut the garbage bag down its lining on both side. Then stretch it across cardboard frame and cut all the overlapping plastic off and tape or staple garbage bag to cardboard projector frame.

Hole punch two holes on the part of the cardboard strips that has no garbage bag taped to it, put keychain rings through the holes. Fold the screen upwards towards the keychain rings and tape together.

And that is your projector screen.

Step 3: Set Up:

Picture of Set Up:

First plug the adaptor into the outlet.

Then plug the projector in to an outlet and string the wire between two seats in the back.

Velcro the projector to the surface of the middle seat in the back row.

Plug your watching device into the projector.

Plug speakers into the watching device. Adjust projector to fit screen (footage doesn't have to fit screen perfectly).

Plug in charger if needed.

Now there is one step left..............WATCH YOUR MOVIE!!!

I hope you enjoy.

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seamster (author)2014-10-03

Thanks for sharing this!

ed shtern (author)seamster2014-10-06

hi jeff,

could you show more pictures to help me uderstand better

Effix9000 (author)ed shtern2014-11-03

I updated the pictures

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