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Downloading movies these days is quite easy, but the hard part is getting them to your television set. It can be done but it is harder than it should be. Many sites and programs allow us to buy and download movies without a problem such a iTunes, Amazon Unbox, MovieLink, CinemaNow., and Apple TV. However, most of us don't want to watch our movies on a 17-inch monitor. We want bigger!

Anyway, lets get started. I will give you guys a few different methods of transferring your movies to the TV.

Step 1: Method 1: Burn It

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All major music suppliers allow you to burn your music to a cd, but not all movie suppliers let you burn the movies you download to DVD.

Most service that supplies movies encodes its DV files with some form of a digital rights management that keeps the user from making a certain amount of burns to a DVD. Cinema-Now, however does let users burn them to a DVD-R to a limit though.

There is Limewire and file-sharing programs that give you the files directly from other users, and you will need a converting program to convert your files to DVD format. It is alot harder to transfer files in DVD format, so it is rare to find a file that is not .avi format that you need to convert to DVD. Ther are many programs that make this conversion so don't worry.

**Disclaimer**Limewire is a file-sharing program in which you may obtain copyrighted material. It is illegal and I do not recommend using it because it could land you some heavy fines.

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KevinB109 months ago

I recently downloaded some files and my plan was to save them to my external hard drive and then plug my hard drive into my Smart TV and sit back and enjoy! Unfortunately the files are not showing up in the folder I have saved them to. They were MP4 file types but when they were downloaded, they only worked on my laptop through Windows Media Player, and I have to specify each time that I want to open the file with Windows Media Player. I've tried file converter software but they don't recognise the file types either!? What are these files I've downloaded and how can I get it to work in the way I want? (Hard Drive - TV)

I have xbmc...and most of the new movies ( year 2014) that are on xbmc are shown as "CAM" files and they stay that way for awhile most times before they get converted to "DVD" files in which you can watch the movie with a clear setting unlike watching it when it is being filmed off a television. Can anyone who is familiar with XBMC advise me if there is a way of converting those CAM files faster to DVD so I don't have to wait weeks upon weeks before it converts on its own? Thanks !!

MTS Video Converter is wonderful mts video converter that can easily convert mts files to any format you want such avi, mov, wmv, mpeg with highest sound and image ...
Free download convert mts is supported.


techimanu3 years ago
Use a media streamer which offers more than just watching pc movies on TVs. Read on how you can have your own HBO.

I connect my laptop to my 42-inch LCD television using HDMI cable. I connect HDMI output on my laptop to HDMI input of my TV. That way I connect both signals (video and audio) with one cable. I have wireless router in house so I can place my laptop close to TV with short HDMI cable and watch television on PC.
Vivian884 years ago
Maybe Sothink Free Video Converter can help you. I have used it. It is free and save me much time and money. I think it will be useful for others. So, i wish i can share this tool with you. Just convert the video formats and then enjoy the videos and movies on your TV. You can click http://www.sothinkmedia.com/video-converter/ for details.

Hope it is useful.
jekan7774 years ago
Lomax7 years ago
what program do you recommend if I want to burn and watch .avi on my tv?
cody316 Lomax5 years ago
if u want i got the magic converter that i can send you, THE FULL VERSION!, it can basicaly convert anything to anything!
dean-101 Lomax7 years ago
there is a program called "Cheetah DVD burner", . it can burn , dvds ,vcd, svcd, music , data , boot disks, images and almost ever type of file.But not many dvd players play avi files. If yours does not you need to convert it to dvd format. this takes about 30 mins longer than the films last if you use a program called "avi to dvd converter"
yeah my 'father' 's pricier (that goes in his room) Samsung DVD player from best buy wont play avi but the panasonic from walmart will (it goes the the living room and we watch the movies we have "acquired" through the means of the aforementioned instructable)
hope it wasn't too long
driesske6 years ago
Does anyone know a good convertor from .avi to DVD that can use subtitles?
XOIIO driesske5 years ago
This Software works grat, I use it all the time.
lazya1 driesske5 years ago
DVD Cloner 7 is by far the best dvd burner and converter for all, even games, avi, svcd, bluray, etc.  A great benefit is that all dvd's are decrypted, even sony and macromedia which can have up to five different codes on one dvd.  I have been using this software for 5 years and love it.
a .avi video either has subtitles in the video or not... .avi is just a plain video with sound... if the subtitles are made into the movie all you have to do is put it on a dvd with something like windows movie maker
Guy.Fawkes6 years ago
Note that, while Limewire is *not* illegal, it is a fine way for virus, trojan, and rootkit developers to infect your computer. Just about any other torrent client program is safer for your PC. I use uTorrent.

Downloading copyrighted content using "file sharing" may be unlawful in your locale; it is specifically legal in Canada, however. So far, the American DMCA has not been enforced north of the border, so Canadians can still legally make backups of music, DVDs, and software discs which they bought.
torrents have the same virus err...capability, but are far less common....
BFeely fwjs286 years ago
Get an anti-virus. (even if you are not using any file sharing programs) If you need a free one, try http://www.freerav.com for a free antivirus that works on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Windows 7, both 32- and 64-bit.
RISING may be a Chinese company, but it is actually a pretty good antivirus.
and the good thing about good torrent sites is in the feedback sections they will tell you if it is a fake/viral so that is a plus... you do not usually see that in P2P like limewire or Ares or Bearshit...
LasVegas8 years ago
And then there's the Apple TV. It will let you stream movies from up to 4 PCs wirelessly to your TV. Not 1080i or 1080p yet, but it will do 720p.
Brennn10 (author)  LasVegas8 years ago
Oh yes, I read about that. I will add that, thanks.
What should i do about sound?
If you're playing a film from your video port, you can run a Stereo to RCA cable from the line out port or if you have a digital audio port you can run that to your TV with a cable.
CDAWWGG6 years ago
I am surprised that no one has mentioned Winamp Remote or ORB which are web based methods of streaming content. The catch is that it will mainly only work with an XboX 360.
djr67896 years ago
what do i do for sound
picbuck djr67896 years ago
For sound you need a separate connection, as you've seen. Here's the cable I'm about to buy at NewEgg.


PS if you don't already know: 6 foot cables won't connect anything to anything. You always wind up needing 10-12'.

- al -
djr6789 picbuck6 years ago
thank you so much ill go buy one asap
jman11187 years ago
I use TVersity as a replacement to windows media center which I accidentally deleted. TVersity acts like a extra computer when your on the xbox 360.
Andruha11237 years ago
i have HDD camcorder, so i just put the files on it and watch the movies from it
Scammah7 years ago
The utmost best possible way is XBMC (Xbox Media Center). The only draw backs are no HDMI support and hacking it can be a challenge without the right stuff.
Brennn10 (author) 8 years ago
Yea, try the Audio wire and see how that works out.
ok barring the audio everything works fine, of course there's a little flicker on the TV, but that';s ok. My display card supports two options while using dual displays, same picture on PC and TV or different image for both displays. If you use the second option, you can tell your WMP to run on the TV and not on the monitor. This way, I can do my stuff online, while my wife can watch a movie on the TV. The problem is that I can’t recall the name of the software that allows this. Any clues?
mkadmin8 years ago
I've been looking to put in place a similar system My 29-inch TV has a S-Video slot and my PC' has a nvidia GeForce FX5500 that has TV out. Both ends of the S-Video output chords are 4-pin. But when I connect the TV/PC, the picture is very fuzzy. Also do I need a separate wire for audio?
mkadmin mkadmin8 years ago
Thanks for the prompt response. Silly of me to think that what the article says was enough to watch downlloaded movies on a TV. I think you should add the audio bit to the article. thanks.
For anyone with an xbox, You can install XBMC (xbox media center) which is free and a perfect platform for streaming media to your tv. Check it out @ http://www.xboxmediacenter.com/
rimar20008 years ago
Awesome! (for me). My PC has an DVI output. Does that mean that I can get the cable and to plug it directly to the TV? I suppose that the other end of the cable has white, red and yellow RCA connectors. Is it this way? How many meters can be the cable measure? My PC and the TV are in different rooms.
If you have DVI-A (Analog) or DVI-I (Integrated), than you might have composite output. If you have DVI-D (Digital), you won't have analog info available. Many HD TVs have DVI or HDI input ports. Both would work well with computer DVI outputs with appropriate cables.
Brennn10 (author)  rimar20008 years ago
Yes that is correct, it is Red, White and Yellow. The cable measures only the amount that it has, unless you can find a specific extension for that cable. If you have a laptop it will be alot easier, but you might have a little trouble if the TV and PC are in different rooms.
teeps8 years ago
here is another guide for encoding all those downloaded movie files into dvd playable stuff
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