Moving Knex Target





Introduction: Moving Knex Target

Hi again
This is a new knex target I made today. It moves up and down and a fast rate (depending on your motor) but I though I might as well post some pictures of it. I could have made more than one target but I have a knex gun that is using most of my good peices and i don't feel like taking apart yet. If you want me to I will post but if not im taking it apart in a few days. So tell me what you think and please




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    i could only see black in your video.

    when i watched your video, it was so dark man!!! lol

    You know what aleceatsfood, you make some pretty "AWESOME" stuff, you should try making a Knex crossbow to use for that target, working on a knex crossbow but, I DON'T HAVE 2 "PULLIES"(wheel things with a slit around the wheel), well anyway, when i think of a way, i'll make sure to make your knex target! 4.5*

    Maybe you could make it so it moves from side to side :)

    That's what i though!!! but I only have 1 motor.... But guess what? I just got a bag of knex and it has gears and another motor!!! so awesome, so yes I will work on that then try to get a video up! thanks!

    thanks I used a different thing in the middle the 4 red 2 greens and 1 white into
    2 orange connectors and a blue rod it works much better and thanks!

    nice one