Introduction: Moving Mouse

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A quick 20 minute project.
Materials: a letter size sheet of paper (any color), a pen (any color or type), and a scissor.

Step 1: Preparing

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This step is easy. Make sure to use letter size paper. Crease well. Cut on the dotted line in picture two.

Step 2: The General Body

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Flip after picture one, two, three, and six. In picture eight, the tip is inside the flaps. Fold well.

Step 3: The Legs

Picture of The Legs

Flip after pictures one and two. Cut on the dotted line in picture two. Fold well.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

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This is the last part. Make sure to fold well!!! To make the mouse move, lower the head and then let go. The first image is the finished product. Use the pen for the eyes and mouth.


How fun! thanks for sharing!

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