Introduction: Moxon Vise

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There are many variants of a Moxon Vise on the net. Two have already been presented here. But after seeing a detailed blueprint of Heiko Rech in "Heimwerker Nr.50", I said to myself: The isses! Whether
as an extension of a bench, as an attachment to a workbench or even a kitchen table, the Moxon Vise always cuts a fine figure. The comfortable working height and its flexibility leave almost nothing to be desired. For the realization of this project I used a well-known tool dispatcher for the original accessories of the company Benchcrafted. It consists of two hand wheels, two threaded rods, four nuts, two washers and a piece of leather. Admittedly scarcely 160 Euronen is a proud price. But you do not treat yourself otherwise. :-) The beechwood beats with about 70 Eurons to book. In addition, there is a T-slot rail and a good 19mm drill is advantageous.

Step 1: Cutting and Glue

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The beech lumber I have brought with the TKS to measure. Some parts have been doubled, i. glued over the entire surface. The surfaces did not slip, I have each hit two small pins and agbezwickt the heads with a pair of pliers. After that, the parts were pressed together.

Step 2: Drill

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Dann wurden alle Löcher gebohrt. Hierzu verwendete ich einen Bohrmax
19mm. Auf der Innenseite der Vorderzange wird ein Stück Leder mit Weissleim aufgeleimt und den Überstand mit einem Cuttermesser entfernt. Dies gibt der Zange mehr Grip.

Step 3: Caulking the Nuts and Assembling

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The outline of the nuts is removed with a chisel. Then both threaded rods are mounted. Now the Moxon Vise is almost done.

Step 4: Coating

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After milling the front tongs with a milling cutter, everything was coated with linseed oil varnish. Here you can see the result. It was a nice weekend project that I really enjoyed. If you are interested in measurements and other details, you should get Holzwerke Nr.50.


Stish (author)2017-12-02

Wow this looks great. I like the finish. I built something similar for my workshop, but it does not look as good as yours. Great job.

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