this is the first gun I've made that has a clip.  it is small, powerful, and  looks pretty good.  it is pretty sturdy and averagely reliable.  this might be the smallest gun with a clip.  do not fire this gun without the clip in or it will most likely brake.  please SUBSCRIBE.

Step 1: Pieces

1-2)  main body pieces
3) clip holder pieces

Step 2: Building the Body

1) add rods
2) add middle layer
3) add third layer
4) add the ramrod

Step 3: Building the Clip Holder

1) adding pieces to the first layer
2) add some more
3) final layer

Step 4: Clip and Bands

1) connecting to the main body
2) clip pieces
3) first and secondlayer
4) third layer added
5) clip in the gun
6) with bands
this gun is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
is it removable
well the clip is, not the clip holder
soo, its a super mini removable mag pistol?<br>
yea pretty much
not bad.
are you subscribed to me? it just seems like you are always one of first people to see my stuff.
he's the first to reply to any knex gun, its like he has a script that automatically chooses a &quot;great gun&quot;, &quot;not bad&quot; or something similar comment and posts it as soon as any knex weapon is made.
lol, kk
not bad... ill have to make this later

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