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Introduction: Moxx's Mini-pistol

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This pistol is very reliable if made correctly and is really powerful. It also looks really cool and has a very low piece count.  It shoots either green/black or white/grey rods best but can fire all rods pretty well. 
WARNING this gun requires two pieces that are broken but still entirely useful and an optional broken piece that makes the gun more powerful but less accurate. 
sorry if my instructions arent good because this is my first instructable.  please comment and give advice for a better pistol or instructable.  please subscribe. 

P.S. i have pics of my other stuff.  tell me if i should post any of it. 

P.S.S. isn't my profile pic awsome? i made it yesterday on powerpoint

Step 1: Building the Pieces

1) build these
2) and these
also get 11 white/grey rods

Step 2: Putting It Together

1) put rods on the first layer
2) put on the second layer
3)add final layer 
4) build this with the pieces you already made
5) put the trigger on the gun
6-7) these are your two options for the ram-rod
8) add the bands



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    The firing pin on mine flies off every time i shoot it. :(

    And also i modded this gun a little bit,I put a Y connector where the single connector on the trigger blocks the firing pin so the firing pin wont slip,and i also added on to the trigger where your finger goes i put a single connector on it so its easier to pull.

    1 reply

    sounds good, i just opted to keep the trigger small just so it would look proportionate to the rest of the gun but if its hard to fire thats always an option.

    Just built this,its awesome its a great gun to take to school and shoot ppl sitting infront of you lol

    1 reply

    funny thats the first thing i ever did with that gun.

    hey i just realized this gun looks like the cricket from men in black, that is if you use the longer pin

    1 reply

    yea, it kind of does.


    should i post it?

    if u want




    yea, sorry. i didnt spend asmuch time on the instructable as i should of. i could have posted an easier way to build it.

    You need to make it more that the white rod should be on the one above!