Gordon Gano once told me (and a couple hundred other people) that Frank Sinatra's favorite restaurant was Patsy's (up on 56th St.) Anyhow, when my sister invited me to dinner at Patsy's up on 56th St. I was super-excited because Gordon Gano told me it was Frank Sinatra's favorite restaurant and I was sure old blue eyes had some taste. He was a classy individual.

One of the things I had at Patsy's was something I never had anywhere else before, that being, you guessed it, mozzarella in carrozza. It was good. Very good. Mind-bogglingly good.

I resolved then and there that I had to learn to make it. Some time passed... a number of years in fact.... and I finally did learn to make it. So, without further ado, here is how to make mozzarella in carrozza. If you have never had it before, I highly recommend you try it. If you have tried it before, then I probably need to do no further coaxing.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

- A large chunk of mozzarella
- A loaf of pre-sliced white bread
- Flour
- Italian-style Bread Crumbs
- 2 Eggs
- 1/4 cup of milk
- Parsley flakes
- Garlic Powder
- Chopped basil
- Canola oil
- Marinara Sauce
- A frying pan
- A sharp knife
- A couple of bowls
- A baking sheet
- A couple of plates
- Paper towels
- Cooking tongues
- A cutting board
Oh my god!   I just made this for the first time tonight and it was absolutely amazing!  I am now going to make this every time I make an Italian dish.  Bravo, sir!
first time doing these was messy, but they still turned out pretty good. second time around was much cleaner, and much tastier. awesome stuff!!!
you have like munchies face XD<br/><br/>=)<br/>
Just made a mini batch of these. Very tasty. Being a mini batch I had some bread crumbs & batter left over. So I rolled the leftover crusts in that and cooked them up as well. Basically fried bread sticks. Not quite as tasty as the mozzarella in carrozza but not bad.
So basically its a grilled cheese. Just kidding! Grilled cheese has nothing on mozzarella carrozza .
@#$! it...drooled on the keyboard...
As an unbiased third party, I declare these things delicious.
For extra awesomeness, replace the parsley with oregano. This looks delicious either way, though. :D
Mmmmmmmmmmm! Sorry I'll stop drouling all over your dinner! ;-) Fav'd, 5*!

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