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So guys , this is an old project of mine , the mp3 tanker helmet ( since i'm into military hardware and such , i'm also interested in games like World of Tanks and therefor , I "needed" one when i played so I can get into the character better ) . My stats improved quite a bit but i would put that on my experience gained ;).
So , if you want your own for game-con or just a DIY project at home , this is going to be simple as pie.

Step 1: Materials

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For this project you will need :
- a tanker helmet ( I got mine at 15$~10 pounds~13 euros at a flea market , you can either get it from ebay , or websites that sell military surplus )
- mp3 headphones ( I used Sony because of their quality )
- tube of silicone
- soldering iron and lead
- lighter
- drill machine

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