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Introduction: Mp3 Flash Wallet

This wallet is a simple duck tape wallet that added to ( This is only a guide line meant to inspire others. Don't judge to harshly)

Step 1: Supplies

1 Roll of Duct Tape*
1 Led flash light like the one below ( anything will work but since I'm not the best with electronics I worked with this one)
1 Old playing card
1 Mp3 player (in Gel case)

  • You could even add to an old duck tape wallet if you had a little duct tape

Step 2: Step One

Bring out your LED flash light and remove as much bulk as you can leaving some kind of cover on the front

Step 3: Step Two

Now create a duct tape bi-fold works best if your not familiar with duct tape ducktapeclub can help ( they give better instructions than I do ) When your making it size does'nt matter as long as its as long or longer than your MP3.

Step 4: Step Three

Tape Magnet to the inside of the wallet and then line up the light so that when the wallet is closed the light is off and when its open the light is on. ect, then make a pocket or tape the light in place

Step 5: Step Four

This step is to secure the I pod in place

"fold the playing card in half and cover it in duck tape and then tape the bottom of the card to the wallet then slide the I-pod on using the space between the case and the I pod to secure it and then use a small strip of tape to harness the I pod" (as pictured)

Step 6: Woot Woot Your Done!!!!

fill up your wallet and go have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    pretty cool but maybe a little hard 2 fit in ur pocket (not tryin 2 b rude)

    I think you did a great job! i'd give it an A+ and i added a point to your instructable. I think some people really hate on other people if they make an easy Instructable. have you noticed that?

    2 replies

    its awsome but i really wish it wasn't duct tape collored

    Duct tape comes in great colors now. Basic colors and fluorescent ones too.

    its cool just it could be a little neater you know

    I know my project sucked I'm improving thanks for filling me in

    4 replies

    I'm new to Instructables, but "adapt" is how I grew up. My Dad was a, "Don't throw that out. You might need it, and then you'll be sorry..." person. He would love this site. I'm saving these for the older grandkids, who thing duct tape is better than sliced bread. Of course, it makes a really chewy peanut butter sandwich.

    mmmmm peanut butter and duct tape sandwich

    It didn't suck, Its jsut that you said at the start it could suck. Don't do that! Good idea, just keep on making them until it looks PERFECT! -Nice, Chris

    I better picture quality would be nice

    Its really good, but I dont understand Why you would do it I give it a C+ Keep upgrading it and it will be top viewed ;)


    Without your Ipod.

    Please rate good or bad I'd like to know. But ++++ would be apreaciated