This wallet is a simple duck tape wallet that added to ( This is only a guide line meant to inspire others. Don't judge to harshly)

Step 1: Supplies

1 Roll of Duct Tape*
1 Led flash light like the one below ( anything will work but since I'm not the best with electronics I worked with this one)
1 Old playing card
1 Mp3 player (in Gel case)

  • You could even add to an old duck tape wallet if you had a little duct tape
pretty cool but maybe a little hard 2 fit in ur pocket (not tryin 2 b rude)
I think you did a great job! i'd give it an A+ and i added a point to your instructable. I think some people really hate on other people if they make an easy Instructable. have you noticed that?
its awsome but i really wish it wasn't duct tape collored
Duct tape comes in great colors now. Basic colors and fluorescent ones too.
its cool just it could be a little neater you know
I better picture quality would be nice
Its really good, but I dont understand Why you would do it I give it a C+ Keep upgrading it and it will be top viewed ;)
i like it
Without your Ipod.
Please rate good or bad I'd like to know. But ++++ would be apreaciated

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