Mp5k V3





Introduction: Mp5k V3

This is probably going to be the last big update to this gun.It is getting about 45ft is around 12in. long, 7in. tall and 5 connectors wide. This gun uses a different trigger mech that dr. richtofen designed for this and I modified to fit better. Please leave a comment below about what parts you like and what you think should be improved.



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    If I ever make this, I will definitly make the concealment case that you had a picture of somewhere else. That would be just plain awesome.

    Thanks,I was working on the case but ran out of the pieces I needed and it was slightly overcomplicated to make it work. o well

    I made a case. I'll make this gun when it's posted. =)

    My suitcase wasn't made to the dimensions of the MP5 but a little modification and it will work.


    Pretty awesome! Instructions maybe?

    Thanks, I might just make instructions at some point =

    I guess it is alright, but it could use some work. First off, the body does not seem right. It looks altogether too large... That could be just me, but that is how I see it. Secondly, you could have made a bigger magazine, as the one you have seems to me to be weird looking. The trigger guard is off (I think) a little bit too. =D Are you gonna stop updating this, or are you gonna re-do it often (kinda like I did with my G36Ks).