Picture of Mr. Candy Cane, an Adventure Time plush toy
Mr. Candy Cane is a plush felt toy inspired by the Adventure Time series on Cartoon Network. It took about  five cumulative hours to complete and cost less than $5 US. He stands pretty tall but can be easily customized for a smaller toy.
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Step 1: Inspiration and Material Gathering

Picture of Inspiration and Material Gathering
Halloween is approaching and my daughter decided she wants to go as the 13 year old version of Princess Bubblegum from the Adventure Time show on Cartoon Network. So, being the ambitious prop maker that I am and having no current project to work on I made her a Peppermint Butler (a character from the show) to go along with the costume. The toy was made of felt and was so easy and fun to make, I just had to make more. I didn't document Pep But, so here is what I did for the second Candy Citizen: Mr. Candy Cane.

There is an episode where Mr. Candy Cane is red and pink, but most episodes show him as two shades of green. I like green. Decision made. I couldn't find the lighter shade of green so I used white instead.

The materials were super cheap. The felt I bought came in sheets that were a little bigger than standard paper, 9x12 if I remember right. I got them from Joann's Craft store for I think $0.35 US a sheet, but I know you can get them even cheaper elsewhere. The hot glue and thread I already had so I really only spent $3.15 on all nine sheets. If you don't have a glue gun you can buy one for less than $5 with a couple sticks of glue in the pack, use tacky glue or even Elmer's glue, or forgo the glue altogether if you wish.

3 x white felt
3 x green apple felt
1 x walnut brown felt
1 x tan felt
1 x black felt
Various thread colors. I used green, brown and white, but it would have looked okay if I had only used white or maybe black threads.
Sewing needle
Hot glue gun and glue stick
Sewing machine (the feet and arms were machine stitched)
Monacraft1 year ago
Wow, this is really good, you HAVE to make more. How about Jake th Dog. I bet that will leave your daughter really delighted!
dsmith84 (author)  Monacraft1 year ago
Thanks! I was thinking of doing Cinnamon Bun or BMO next. There are a lot of adorable characters in this show. Who's your favorite?
Hmm. . . Favourite, Probably Iceking, yep he RULES! It was sad cuz in a bit (from season 4 to like season 5) he didn't come on that much but now in some of the latest episodes hes back and its really cool!

But Ice king is not the adorable type so not much point making him. Other than that i also like Billy!!!!!!!!!! YEA!
Toasty22221 year ago
Pep butler is so evil... But you did an awesome job!
dsmith84 (author)  Toasty22221 year ago
Thank you! I figured that she might want the evil Peppermint Butler for Halloween, but she (wisely) told me that it would be weird the rest of the year.
Very true. Much wisdom at such a young age!
dsmith84 (author)  SeanBedolla1 year ago
Thank you so much. Let me see some pictures if you decide to do something similar!