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Introduction: Mr. Christmas Train in Egg

This is a beaded ostrich egg.   When I think of Faberge Eggs I think of this style of egg.   It has Austrian rhinestones, Austrian rhinestone chain, and plated filigrees for the design. The beads are 3 cut pearl white size 12  from Shipwreck beads (Item number 12SC612).  It took approximately 8 and 1/2 hanks of beads to form this diamond pattern.  Also, Faberge Eggs have a surprise inside just like mine.  I used a Mr. Christmas animated ornament,  took it apart, rewired, and put it in the ostrich egg.  The girth of the ostrich egg should at least measure 15 and 1/2 inches. The batteries and speaker are in the stand.  This egg plays 25 Christmas songs.  The Christmas trees have colored fiber optic lights. I added more ornaments to the trees.  Once the piece was leveled and glued in place I added snow and snow drafts around the edges of the scene.   A reed switch was used so that it automatically turns on when it is opened.  The Christmas trees light up and the train travels around.

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    Very nice! Beautiful work and excellent job reusing the animation.

    How did you make the snow?

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    Thank you,
    I used lightweight DAP. You can get it at any hardware store or Walmart.

    Very technically impressive, and beautiful to boot!

    this is so cool... this looks like it would be an awesome present for my mother in law- i love the fact that it plays so many songs- harizard i saw your other entries and i just wanted to say you are truly talented-- keep up the great work!!!

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    Thank you for all your kind works.

    Thank you so much.