Introduction: Mr. Creepy Guy

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This K-nex figure was thought up and made by pure randomness. i saw a yellow piece with 2 links on each space and i got rid of 1. added a few little pieces and thus Mr. Creepy Guy was born.

Step 1: What You Will Need

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Step 2: Making the Body

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pretty self explanatory...all you need is the 2 red right angle K-nex pieces, the 1 green piece, and the 1 yellow piece. connect the reds, green, and yellow piece normally.see the box to see what you do for the yellow on red piece connection.

Step 3: The Head

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all you need is the yellow and the gray piece.just connect them.

Step 4: The Black Links

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just connect them and then assemble like so.


teckdeck (author)2010-12-01

this little fella is so cool i added a black small wheel a gray spacer and a blue circle plus a little connecter. i called him eye . p.s. try making one that can wheel.

danbaha (author)2010-08-20


KNEXFRANTIC (author)2010-06-22


fireball247365 (author)2009-08-30

not any more...ha

Vynash (author)2009-03-06

LOL that's pretty awesome! 4*s!

FlameSnake (author)2009-03-05

All the pics are in the intro Lol!

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