Introduction: Mr Freeze

Picture of Mr Freeze

This is a "How To" on how to make a Mr Freeze costume. If you like my designs and workcheck out Night Terrors of Gotham I will start by telling you that this build can be cheap or expensive depending on the features you add to it. I did have to buy an acrylic dome from for the build, but I would not suggest buying it first. You need to figure out how big your base will be, so your dome can fit in snug.

Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials

I went to Harbor Freight and bought floor foam mats, heat gun, dremmel, straps, hoses, connectors for the straps, blue jump suit, electrical tape, and duct tape. From Lowes I got a 5 gallon water jug, dome trashcan, plastic bucket, clear tubing, Velcro strips, PLASTI DIP, and paint.  From Wal-Mart I got some poster board, mini hot glue gun with Mini glue sticks, blue transparent folder, scissors, exacto knife, face paint, and a drain strainer.  Online I purchased from included 2 LED small flat click flashlights, 1 large flat wall light, 4 cans of fog with trigger holder, Darth Vader gloves, EL Wire (Blue), Bald cap, spirit gum and remover,  and goggles (use your own preference for these, some people like Mad scientist, others like steam punk). Laying around the house, I had an old Android phone that I used to make a wrist display ( Not needed, but adds a nice touch to it), rain boots, and small bolts.

Before any painting, add Plasti Dip spray paint first. It helps with bending and paint. Your paint will not crack and will last longer if you add the Plasti Dip

Please use with caution! Some of these MATS are real hardware, and can be dangerous. Do not leave your glue gun plugged in because they are constantly heating up, and the heat gun has metal at the tip, and blows hot air in all directions , this will burn you if used wrong. Make sure you unplug everything when done using them. 

Step 2: The Chest Piece

Picture of The Chest Piece

This was the first look of my chest piece. Originally, I wanted to do a Green Lantern armor build, mister Freeze is better, so ignore the green color.
I took the Large Flashlight base apart and used the rim to help house the foam and small LED light inside.  I cut a circle out of the blue folder and tucked it under the rim of the housing. (be sure to make the light removable so you can change the batteries and push the center to turn on. I use a piece of duct tape and attached from one side to the other and made a small handle to help pull it out each time. Probably better way to do that, but this works for what I need it for. To flair to the light, I glued a plastic clear plate with an interesting design to make it look more like a battery. create your chest design, add your bolts to the chest for the added metal look, and paint away.
I cut out a circle in the back of the chest piece to allow access to the light and housing.  

Step 3: The Gun

Picture of The Gun

This was a bit tricky because I want it to work. I the PVC and cut it down to the right size, trimmed a rectangle cut at the bottom, large enough for the trigger holder for the fog cans to fit snug, and then glued it together.  I used a small part of my hose to guide the fog to the end of the gun from the trigger, and added a flashlight aiming down the PVC pipe to show the fog when I pull the trigger. I then built a design around the gun using the foam, and glued everything in place. I used duct tape to hold the hose still and added some folder in the open part in front of the trigger to add a glow to the gun when the light is on.  once cased up, and sealed, I added a few foam additions to match the suit, and more bolts to it for the metal build, and a top part with another flashlight glow. Once completed make sure the fog works properly, and fits to the bottom of the gun. I used silver duct tape on the can because it was pink... 

Step 4: The Backpack

Picture of The Backpack

I wish I had more pics of the inside for you, but I was too busy trying to get it done... 
i used a 5 gallon water jug (yes, the one for the office). I cut out the middle back area so i could access the inside of it.  I then made a foam casing using hot glue and bolts again. On the inside I put more blue folder in the center area and added a small LED flashlight in the back center. I used Velcro to attach it so i could remove it later for more batteries or to switch it out. the sides should be open to see the insides, so I added poster board strips to help hide this, and provide an access area to get the flashlight. BTW keep the nozzle on, you need it to help add an EL wire from your tank, to your gun. I also added a random hose to the top for a cooler effect ( sorry for the bad pun...) 
the next part is hard... pushing an EL wire through a clear rubber tube took a while, but once it was done, I pushed it up through the inside of the Tank and out the top. Any excess EL wire, i rolled up using twisty ties, and put the remote on the inside of the tank next to the LED light. Velcro was also used to keep the wire attached to the gun. This is useful because when transporting, you can take it apart without hassle.

Step 5:

Picture of

Ok, this is totally optional, but I think its awesome, and its the small awesome stuff that help make costumes 
Now here you have to be a bit of a tech person, because I customized GO Launcher EX on Android non-root. and the added a few transparent widgets to the screen. I also turned off all radios (WiFi, Mobile data if you have it, and Bluetooth) Ask me in the comment area if you want to know the specs of this part...
I made a foam base and a foam housing for the phone. Use the heat gun to help make that rounded look for your arm (please don't put the hot foam on your arm). I placed the phone in the housing (make sure you leave room for connectors for charging or audio if you want it). Add a layer of poster board to the top of the housing but don't cut out the phone part just yet, because you need to paint first, and you don't want paint on your phone.  once dry, add your straps, and buckles to the bottom and make sure you leave enough slack for jumpsuit and gloves. Once painted use the exacto knife to cut out the phones screen. Don't worry you will not cut gorilla glass, but I wouldn't press too hard either, just in case, lol.
Don't froget to add your bolts and keep the costume unison. 

Step 6: The Helmet

Picture of The Helmet

Warning, very time consuming, but worth it.
I used the paint bucket, dome lid, and foam for the base.
I cut the bucket in a third, then cut out shoulder spots on each side. this will make then rigged, so I added foam padding to them for additional padding and support. I took the dome lid apart, making the hole where my neck would go. (the dome lid is upside down in case its hard to envision here) These pieces where glued together at an angle allowing for better sight.  I took the lid of the dome and attached it to the back of the base to help hold the hole, and more weight and stability. 
Next part is the dome...
You need to measure the diameter of the dome lid, because the Acrylic should fit nicely.
When you get the dome, and it will take 2 to 3 weeks to get in (Amazon and eBay could help this time if you find a different way to purchase), be aware that you don't have breathing room yet. you need to make a small hole in the front center of the base where your mouth will be. I added a portable fan in the back to help circulate the air  around, and it also helped with the fogging up too. 
Now, you add the EL Wire around the rim twice for a brighter effect. I added a drain strainer to the front for another touch of cool, and used the excess EL wire and rolled it up and tucked in the mouth piece for a circular glow effect in the mouth piece. I also added foam here too to help make it more solid.
Additionally I used a pool hose and some foam to make a "re-breather" piece for visual effect and to help connect the backpack to the helmet. You may need someone else here to help get the right size of the re-breather to the back piece correct. 

I used the heat gun to help melt and cut a few parts here.. 

Step 7: Sizing the Suit

Picture of Sizing the Suit

I used Velcro to attach the Hoses to the helmet and a warped Velcro around the bottom of the hoses to attach to the back piece as well.  
Camera does not do the lights justice here, much better in person.
I used straps and buckles here to help attach the back and chest piece together. You need someone to help get these sizes right, otherwise it can look saggy.
Once you put it on, you can move the pieces around to help get them aligned just right. 

Step 8: Almost Done

Picture of Almost Done

The bald cap test...
This is my first run using a bald cap, so bare with me. I studied YouTube for the best way possible.
You put you cap on snug, and make small cuts by the ears to help get your ear out, then make sure you wet you hair and get outt any bumps or air pockets. apply spirit gun just under the rim of the bald cap to help keep it attached, and then add your makeup. 
These pics were part of my test run

Step 9: Dragon*Con!!!

Picture of Dragon*Con!!!

The party was awesome!!! Already got my tiocket for next year!!! I hope anyone that uses this build to their costumes get as lucky as I did.  Everything worked great!!! Can't wait till next year!!!  BTW this is my first full build ever!!! Hoped you liked it!!!


Natendo64 made it! (author)2016-11-18

Went as Freeze and Ivy for Halloween this year with my girlfriend. I had to modify a few things (such as my freeze gun) due to time constraints but it turned out great! I won a costume contest with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Planet Rob (author)Natendo642017-01-03

This is awesome, so happy to see more freezes out there!!!

ashleyjlong (author)2014-10-23

AMAZING! My boyfriend wanted to do Mr. Freeze a few yrs ago and we could not for the life of us figure out a light weight/ inexpensive helmet. Thanks for posting that as a whole sub set of steps.

Planet Rob (author)ashleyjlong2014-10-27

You're very welcome!!! I hope he goes through the build in the future. I find it wonderful when people use my builds for their own creations!!! It means I'm doing it right!!! :D

moneyshotscott (author)2014-10-20

Awesome Helmet. I'm going to be a Space Monkey this year and this helmet is pretty close to what I want to do. Can you tell me the size of this dome? Did you cut holes in the dome? If so, is this something your using a heat gun on to make more pliable? Also, what is the item that cradling the dome?

I used a 14 inch dome, and a trash can dome lid. The trick is to find a dome lid that fits. Once you have the lid flip it upside down and pop out the swinswinging door. I used a paint bucket for the base. Heat gun it up and add some cushion ( I used foam for padding) NO HOLES ON THE ACRYLIC!!! you'll bust the ACRYLIC if done wrong. Once you find the Trash can lid, measure to see the right size. If you need to secure it better, you can use hot glue to help keep it in place. I used a 14 inch diameter half dome.

asilvaesq (author)2014-10-08

I'm a little unclear how you secured the backpack can you give some more details please. Thanks.

Planet Rob (author)asilvaesq2014-10-17

I used 4 clips and webbing. 1 above each shoulder and 1 under each arm.

Webbing -

Clips -

asilvaesq (author)Planet Rob2014-10-17


builditbaby (author)2014-10-14

I too am having difficulty figuring out how the straps secure the backpack and chest piece. Could you provide a picture and/or some details please. Thank you.

Planet Rob (author)builditbaby2014-10-17

As a heads up, I have commented on this with a reply to asilvaesq

Hope this helps :) This was my first Instructable ever, so I'm sorry if things were not as clear then.

frank.chen.581 (author)2014-10-04

How long would you say you took to build this costume? I ask because Halloween is almost here and I"m wondering if I can go to all the places you listed and get the dome in time for the costume.

Soon been away for some time. It would probably take a few (2-3) weekends. The hardest part will be the acrylic dome seeing as it is up to the seller.

BeastandEpicProductions (author)2014-10-15

Cool! (Get the ice pun? Huh, huh!)

frank.chen.581 (author)2014-09-30

Great costume. I had a question. What material are you using the chest piece (green part)? Is that from the floor mats? Also, did you spray paint it silver?

Yes, the Green chest piece was from a another costume (green lantern armor) that didn't turn out well. The floor mats are what I used for the chest piece

steel36 (author)2014-09-10

Really dig the costume and props. When you say "cans of fog", what exactly are you referring to? I can't seem to find them. I've seen others use canned air but it doesn't really show up well.

steel36 (author)steel362014-09-10

Nevermind, just saw the comment below! So it's really more of a haze product.

Planet Rob (author)steel362014-09-12

Yeah, Its works well when you're not in mid day, and have a light shinning through it, hence the guns lights down the barrel. Im working on a way to deliver the fog better with a smaller gun, and Ill be upgrading the suit for next years (2015) D*C.

jmanson2 (author)2014-09-08

got a question about the "canned fog with trigger" you got off of amazon... do you remember the link information?

Planet Rob (author)jmanson22014-09-09

Look slike Amazon has removed it :/ Sorry about that.

Here is a new link to the same stuff with trigger

bsuch (author)2013-10-31

where did you get the helmet from? you have inspired me to make a mr freeze costume myself

Planet Rob (author)bsuch2013-11-15 is where I bought it. It was about $40 last year, have no idea if they have raised the price, or not.

GemWebb (author)2013-10-03

Hi there! Great costume!!! I'm floored by your attention to detail. COuld you post a link to where I could buy the LED light system attached to battery packs? I want to create a TRON costume using them.

Planet Rob (author)GemWebb2013-10-04

Thanks, glad ya like it! here is the amazon site for the "EL Wire". Although the picture make it seem like they are really bright, they are not. they work good in low light, but not bright light. If you google EL Wire you can find some EL tape that might work a little better with the TRON style. If you're still having issues hit me up again and we can what we can find :)

Planet Rob (author)Planet Rob2013-10-04

Oh also, you can use these to help make things brighter by making an illuminated object or something

rcarrillo (author)2013-08-30

Hello, I am working on a version of Mr Freeze for this Halloween. can you please post a link or info on where you got the acrylic dome? thanks!!

Planet Rob (author)rcarrillo2013-08-31 I believe this is where I got it. Its been a while, but they should still be able to help :)

atk16 (author)2013-01-02

Hi I found ur build and used your ideas best I cud. My costume was for the new year and went down a blast. I was a little disappointed how my helmet came out because I wasnt able to get ho;d of a clear dome but overall impressed. S o thankyou for your hard work. Hope you impressed with picture.

Planet Rob (author)atk162013-01-08

Thanks!!! Thats awesome!!! Always stoked to hear people are using this build!!! The helmet was the hardest part for me too. I had all kinds of ideas on how to make it work, but I couldn't do anything til I actually had that dome. I got extremely lucky that it fit perfectly with my measurements , and I just build the rest around that. I wasn't gonna mess with fate at that point, lol

mdavidson12 (author)2012-09-19

How much did everything cost?

Planet Rob (author)mdavidson122012-09-23

Around 250 for everything, but I had to buy the tool to make it as well, so that added into that 250. Just the mats, I'd say about 150... El wire is $10 each, a light jump suit about $20, the dome was $40, and the foam was$10 for 5 pieces. The flashlights were $5 bucks each and a folder for .99 c. 5 gallon jug of water, $5 and then cheap-o-paint, dollar a can. Clear tubing was $5, and Velcro straps for $50. Runners fan off Amazon was about $10. That should be it.

Partybot (author)Planet Rob2012-11-01

The rubber floor tiles were $150!?! Jeez. The dovetailed edges worked so well though.

Planet Rob (author)Partybot2012-11-15

Oh no, typo with all the numbers, lol $15 at Harbor Freight.

Planet Rob (author)mdavidson122012-09-23

$5 for Velcro, not $50!!!!

blazinmt (author)2012-10-06

I noticed you have a picatinny handrail for an M4 for your top piece on the gun. Where did you get that or did you make that or do you have source?

blazinmt (author)blazinmt2012-10-06

Just curious, bc I am making a scaled down version for my son and that's quite the piece to give up and paint for a Halloween costume!

Planet Rob (author)blazinmt2012-11-13

I am so sorry for the late reply, I took it off of a Air soft gun I had laying around. Awesome eye!!! that is the exact gun I took it from. I believe I got it at wal-mart for about $10 a while ago... Thank you for using this as inspiration for your sons build!!! :)

blazinmt (author)Planet Rob2012-11-14

Boom! Here he is! Awesome write-up! My son had a blast and was the talk of everywhere we went! I was Bane, we went as Batman Villains.

blazinmt (author)blazinmt2012-11-14

Instead of smoke, I had his gun shoot blue silly string.

Planet Rob (author)blazinmt2012-11-15

That is fantastic!!!! Great Job on the rebuild!!! Awesome bane as well!!! Thank you so much for using my build style!!! I have always wanted to see a great Mr Freeze, and it just made my year, that someone else is spreading the build!!! thanks again!!!

poofrabbit (author)2012-11-13

Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

Planet Rob (author)2012-11-13

Very Sorry about the Long reply wait, I used a Portable Walkers Fan, you can fin it on Amazon:
I glad you liked it!!! I had a Blast at D*C and cant wait till next year!!!

tedohrt (author)2012-09-30

I was at DCon as Gil Webber from Monster High and I saw you in this AWESOME costume and got a picture because the two costumes were themed similarly. I really appreciate the great step by step.

Could you share what kind of fan you installed? The one I added to my helmet did not last long, the batt's burned quickly.

Partybot (author)tedohrt2012-11-01

I've had great luck with the standard computer fans that you can get off Amazon or salvage from an old desktop you have. Clip the wires and attache the red and black to a 9 volt battery lead connector (see my partybot build) and it will work all night.

tedohrt (author)Partybot2012-11-04

Unihorn- Thank you very much for the reply! I took a look at your instructable and I will try that approach.

Rock on!

Planet Rob (author)2012-09-23

Not 50 for the Velcro, that's $5 for the Velcro!!!

gullfunk (author)2012-09-08

What size dome did you use.

Planet Rob (author)gullfunk2012-09-13

it was a 7 by 14 inch dome, sorry for the late reply :)

mdavidson12 (author)Planet Rob2012-09-19

How much did it cost?

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