Picture of Mr. Grinz
This is a really simple costume to put together, but is sure to creep out plenty of party-goers. My primary idea when creating the character was based on the idea of the Cenobites from Hellraiser fame, but it turned out looking more like a demon joker. Which, I suppose still fits the Cenobite mold in a way.

It is pretty cheap to throw together, and really does not take much time. This is one of those "less is more" costumes. Going too overboard with it just won't look right, and actually detracts from the real creepiness you're trying to achieve.
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Step 1: Stuff you'll need

Picture of Stuff you'll need
Makeup only
  • White cream makeup
  • Black cream eyeliner
  • Red lipstick pencil (or just red in any stick form)
  • Triangle sponges
  • Angled brush

Optional accessories
  • Fake blood
  • Fake skin - only if you can find something really good (the stuff I tried was crap)
  • Glow sticks
  • Glue syringe
  • Spirit gum (or other super sticky stuff)
  • 3/16" (inner diameter) / 1/8" (outer diameter) vinyl tubing
  • Medical tape
  • 2" finish nails
  • Hot glue
  • White t-shirt

wait, how did you manage to completely black out your mouth? that's my biggest issue with mouths over mouths, you can still see your lips but you seemed to get around it! could you show more of how you did the makeup?

Some Dork (author)  Lady Microfleegie II6 months ago

I'm constantly wishing I'd taken more "in progress" shots when I was putting it together, but I was in a rush to get to a party, so the best I could do was just describe it. :(

The secret here was that black cream eyeliner. Although I didn't retouch the picture to black my lips out more, it's really more a trick of the light than anything. With all the lights on, you could still see my mouth, but wandering around outside, and in dimly lit rooms (e.g. Halloween party), it was pretty much invisible.

hah, the upsides of Halloween xD I'd love to see more of your makeup tutorials, if you'd take more pictures :D I love horror makeup <33

Awesome effect! I bet this would work well in the balloon too!
Simple, and awesome! Love the creepy factor, and I think the Hellraiser movies themselves are pretty terrible, but I just keep watching them for the incredible monster designs. :-D
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Very creepy. Well done!
Some Dork (author)  scoochmaroo3 years ago
Thank you! It was a lot of fun. :)