A few years ago I read the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman and in it Anubis (an ancient Egyptian deity) is in modern times working at a funeral parlor preparing the dead for their funerals (and going by the name Mr Jaquel).  The image of Anubis wearing a suit popped into my head this year and was too cool to pass up so I decided to go for it and all things considered it turned out pretty cool and was cheap to boot (around $20 because I had most of the materials already).

List of Materials:
White Glue (I used Elmer's)
Plaster of Paris
Plastic Half Mask
Clear Tape
Shop Towels (heavy paper towels)
Matte Black Spray Paint
Black Feathers (large and small)
Banister Post
Scrap Piece of Wood
Bolt or Long Screw

Abrasive Pad
Hot Glue Gun
Paint Brushes

I chose a black suit and tie with a white collared shirt and suspenders.  I already had the tie, suspenders and black shoes.  The other clothing I picked up for $12 at a local thrift store.

Step 1: Making the Frame

I chose poster board because it is cheap and easy to cut and shape.  I used a trial and error system of cutting the general shape of each piece of board and seeing how it looked on the plastic half mask, making adjustments as necessary.  Once I found a shape that worked I traced it to the board and duplicated it for the other side.  There are seven pieces total for the front in this step: each ear, each cheek, the forehead, and the two nose pieces.  On the back I added a piece to each ear, each a little larger that front and bent to meet the edges so it would make them thicker.

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