Introduction: Mr. Microphone Hack!

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Turn the classic 70's wireless toy into a modern high-tech spy device. I never picked up any chicks with it anyway. Watch the video and see the test results at the end. What I heard surprised me! This is a modified version of a similar article in "Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things".

Step 1: What You Need

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A vintage Mr. Microphone FM modulator. These were designed to transmit your voice over the low end of the FM band, around 88MHz. These are not easy to come by but you can find them at garage sales and occasionally on Ebay.

Step 2: Other Required Items....

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To do it right, you need to replace the existing microphone with a better quality one. I used an Audio Technica lavalier microphone. YOu will also need a button cell 3V battery, some magnet wire and a container of your choice to mount everything in.

Step 3: Step by Step

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1. Remove the windscreen and remove the one screw that holds Mr. Microphone together. Once apart, remove the circuit board, microphone, battery connection wiring and the antenna.

Step 4: Remove the Old Stuff

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De-solder the connections to the microphone and antenna.

Step 5: Solder the New Stuff in Place

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Solder the new microphone to the existing connections. Using magnet wire, make a coil antenna by wrapping it around a bolt. NOTE: Be sure to measure the length of the Mr. Microphone antenna and make sure the magnet wire is that exact length. Solder the end of the coil antenna to the existing antenna connection. Test it by turning it on and adjusting the frequency on your FM radio and on the small potentiometer on the circuit board.

Step 6: Modified Power Source

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To save space, the 2 AA batteries have to be changed out to one 3V button cell battery. The run time will be less but it will power up the circuit and run fine for our needs. Just use tape (NEVER SOLDER) to make the positive(+) and negative(-) connections on the battery.

Step 7: Pick a Container

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I chose Air Wick Stick Ups because they are the perfect size, come apart easily, unscrew open so the mic can "hear" and are ready to be stuck to just about anything. Behind furniture, under a table or chair...use your imagination. Take the newly modified Mr. Microphone circuit and conceal it in the container. You can use your car FM radio, an MP3 player that has FM and recording ability (great if you want to record the conversation) or any FM radio. Have fun and always use this responsibly.


Sgt.Waffles (author)2008-06-13

Kip Kay, when the world goes to shambles, you will be the last man standing.

Yerboogieman (author)Sgt.Waffles2008-06-19

he can make a radio out of two coconuts..

rdunkel1 (author)Yerboogieman2017-08-20

how did he get the coconuts

Sgt.Waffles (author)Yerboogieman2008-06-19

I heard he can make two coconuts out of a radio, too.

A good name (author)Sgt.Waffles2008-06-21


Gamernotnerd (author)A good name2008-08-09


Sora_1_2 (author)Sgt.Waffles2008-06-22

LOL Epic Win.

lol, good one

Yonatan24 (author)2015-09-25

Another one of Kipkay's fake projects, I don't believe it even works as a transmitter, Even if it did, It's illegal to do that

shanertheman13 (author)2015-01-19

anybody know the length of a mr.microphone antenna?

vader0ne (author)2012-11-29

I did this hack back in the mid 80's. replaced the mic with a small female jack and put the board into a atari 2600 game case,along with a belt clip and replaced the batterys with a 9 volt and used it for a wireless guitar transmitter. I could walk across the street and still transmit to my upstairs apartment...Dang kids Next door thought it was a great idea and took it along with my guitar....

pennsteve (author)2009-12-28

With the modified antenna, what is the range on this?

awesome. + favorited

paewookyung (author)2009-04-07

Wow, anyway you made a FM audio bug with a Mr.microphone....

mman1506 (author)2009-03-20

at the source you can by a simlar microphone

ch0wderdood (author)2009-01-30

could mr microphone broadcast over a mcdonalds drivethru

Dr.Bill (author)ch0wderdood2009-03-20

My 70cm transmitter can.

HADLEY (author)2008-08-25


djr6789 (author)HADLEY2008-12-20

how did you modify it transmit diffrent frequencys

DELTAWOLF05 (author)2008-06-13

If i had a Mr. Microphone i would diffidently make one of this.

turtleshane (author)DELTAWOLF052008-10-05

the grateful dead is amazing!!!! too bad jerry garcia died a while while back i would have liked to meet him

DELTAWOLF05 (author)turtleshane2008-10-05

YEAH dude! yeah i would have loved to see a concert! yeah meeting him would rock

turtleshane (author)DELTAWOLF052008-10-07

when i was little like 9 i think soo it was a bit ago my dad took me to a rat dog concert. AMAZING

There are other present day forms that you can use.

kalahari (author)2008-06-16

"Hey good lookin! We'll be back to pick you up later." How is it possible to remember that line from the Mr Microphone commercials after all these years?

JuCo (author)kalahari2008-08-20


Gamernotnerd (author)kalahari2008-08-09

Off of youtube?

carpespasm (author)2008-06-14

That poor audio-technica mic.... :( I've seen off-brand copies of the mr microphone at places like Big Lots before, so if someone's looking to do this that might be an alternative to eBay. What do you figure the run time on this would be with the button cell?

brandegor (author)carpespasm2008-06-21

Just discovered that there is a "Hannah Montana" brand FM mic that can be had on ebay for 99 cents.

Jesusfreak101 (author)brandegor2008-08-14

Ya, I know. You can also get those overpriced at wallmart.

Biotele (author)2008-07-12

Can you make an instructable to teach us how to make super cool videos like yours (editing part is the problem)? You have a great voice too.

sleepygamer (author)2008-06-27

Hey Kipkay, if you put this thing near a light source (maybe near a ceiling light or lamp) and gave it some small solar panels, do you think you could use them to charge a small battery to make it run indefinitely? (Or at least longer than a single battery?) Great little instructable... when I get some cash, I'm going to do pretty much all of yours! :D

carrierpilot1357 (author)2008-06-16

i thought the sentence then take away that white thing that smells like somebody's grandmother in the video was funny.

Derin (author)carrierpilot13572008-06-17

i double that

Brother_D (author)Derin2008-06-17


Darren. (author)Brother_D2008-06-19


Derin (author)Darren.2008-06-25

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theglove (author)2008-06-14

Just a thought, but would it be possible to adapt one of those ipod broadcast-over-the-radio thingies by adding a mic to it? Hmmm.

bth8 (author)theglove2008-06-19

ya, just take out the jack thing, cut the jack off the mic, strip the wires, and solder em to the thing

dracox (author)2008-06-16

is it ok if i use an ordinary mic?

fma321 (author)2008-06-14

I had to make a Mr. Microphone knock off in my Aviation tech class for practice in circuit board soldering. Try looking for one of these kits. I might hack mine or this use.

xACIDITYx (author)2008-06-14

Could someone post the direct link to metacafe? I can't view the video here (blocked) , but I'd really love to watch another KipKay video.

theburn7 (author)xACIDITYx2008-06-14

why is it blocked?

Kipkay (author)xACIDITYx2008-06-14
xACIDITYx (author)Kipkay2008-06-14


bubba77 (author)2008-06-13

take the scented ring out, which smells like someone's grandmother XD, great Instructable!

iKill (author)2008-06-13

ahaha "jeff does heather know your calling me" many people dont get this... but i do!!! hint: jeff3230 has a wife named heather

Kipkay (author)iKill2008-06-13

Good for you. The first to mention it! He got a kick out of that. Similar to what I did with the Spy Stethoscope.

iKill (author)Kipkay2008-06-13

lol with sam nouygen or w/e ya that was great to... keep it up ive been with you since the start.

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