A few years ago, I made a short computer animation with my friends for a class project. The animaiton was called "Garageband", which is composed of three band members playing musical instruments. As our theme was kinda monstrous band, we created a halloween pumplkinhead guitarist, a monster drummer, and a skeleton purcussionist. The pumpkinhead was my design.

Recently, I found my school purchased a 3D printer for industrial design students and it is also available for other students. I was so fascinated by this magical gadget and eventually decided to try it out - print my own character model.

I would like to share my first 3D printing experience with you.

Here, you can see the animation that my team made in 2008 and revised in 2011. We created each character animation via fullbody motion capture system with our own performance.


Step 1: Tools and Material

Well, there are not many stuff necessary to do this hobby work since most important part is modeling and printing itself.
Then, some painting material and a few of misc items to finish the project. Here is a list of materials used.

- Autodesk Maya and STL plugin for modeling and exporting model to 3D printer friendly STL format
- Dimension uPrint plus 3D printer: prototyping 3D printer using abs plastic material.

Material used
- Sand paper (600 & 1000 Grit to sand printed model's surface)
- Plastic Modeling Putty (fill rough gaps on layered printing surface)
- Epoxy Modeling Putty (glue parts. i.e. head & body)
- Acrylic paints for plastic model
- Leather Strip (make guitar strap. from local art supply)
- 28 AWG steel wire (guitar strings)
- Ear-loop Mask (quick and easy cloak build)
- CR 2032 battery & holder (power LED light)
- Mini slide switch
- White bright LED
This is awesome!!<br><br>Great level of detail!<br><br>Thank you for sharing!
Thanks. It is my great pleasure to share my experience with you guys.
very cool i like the pumpkin
Thanks. In fact, I have never made a real pumpkin carving for halloween. I definitely like to try real one this year.
You put a LOT of effort into this didn't you? AMAZING! I love 3d printing
Thanks a lot. Yeah, it took some time however, was very fun.

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