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Introduction: Mr Roboto

I would like to print out this robotic hand and make it fully articulated using air muscels. A company called "INMOOV " makes them. I want to improve this design and make it better. 

I see this hand helping our veterans who have lost a hand fighting for our freedoms we all take for granted and give them something back. 

I see using my Epoc Emotive headset as the control interface so you can use just your mind to control the hand.

Step 1: Back Side

here is the reverse side of the robot hand. notice the cabling and control wires.

Step 2:

Here is the headset from Emotiv.

I have all of the files ready in .stl format. I just need a good printer. 

Lets give our disabled vets a hand Literally...

Semper Fi 

Warren Williams



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    cool idea, I hope you get a chance to try it out! can you tell us more about the headset? how reliable are the readouts?

    Once you get the training done it is remarkably good. Many options available.

    I'm for it, not just for vets, but for master slave controlling of robotics.

    SHHHH don't tell anyone.... just keep it between us... they are listening...! Skynet is everywhere.....

    You do know what "master slave controlling" is, right?

    Hi, nice project!
    I really hope to see it. If you make derivatives of my design, please post them as open source as I did this whole project for every one.
    I just want to mention that InMoov is not a company, but the name I have given to this robot project protected under an Attribution - Non-Commercial - Creative Commons License

    For more pictures and info see

    thank you and yes this will be totaly free, as you can see i kept the creator info in the instructabels.. what you see here is a very simple layout of what i plan to do. i have completely redesigned the hand to incorperate the new type of air muscle into the hand to allow the air muscle to be printed in one sesion complete. with assemble hand. this is my desire. to be able to print the hand ready or as much as we can to be ready for use.. I will keep you in the loop on this. and let you know when i have the designs ready for pear reveiw. if you know anyone with a good 3d printer let me know. I need to have access to a very good high res printer for this to work.

    wait until you see what I have done with this you gona love it.

    thanks for writing me. let me know if youhave anything new for the hand. i also plan on making the leg and spine and the knee basical an entire android system to be printed out with my newes air muslcles.



    Why do you need 'a good 3D Printer' when you must own one all ready to print out this hand?

    I do not have one this is printed by others. That is ehy i need one.