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This gun is based off of Big Z's H&K USP .40

it shoot 2 rounds at once mostly because i couldnt make it shoot one. so im taking a con and making it a pro :D

There should be more than enough pics to help u make it.
And this is NOT a double barrel gun.

I give Big Z 90% credit, please go check out his guns :)


didexo (author)2012-06-06

I have one two its a little bit better though

me is assisin (author)2011-07-15

its ok but it wasn't first person but ADS

~KGB~ (author)2010-09-08


Big Z (author)2010-09-04

Cool beans Mr.SillyGuns, this is a nice one!

MrSillyGuns (author)Big Z2010-09-05

:D:D thanks!!!!!!

Big Z (author)2010-09-04


MrSillyGuns (author)Big Z2010-09-05

:D Thanks

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