this is gun took a few hours and it works well the pictures explain more.
Why's your leg in the photo?
this looks like a handgun
lol dude mine looks almost the same but slightly different nice one <br>
not bad
no prob!
Right now I'm hating you for having more special pieces than me. Also, to fire them separately, you would need to remove the white rod connecting the triggers, band the rams separately and disconnect them from each other.
yeah i know
Ah. You only stated that you had to remove the gray connectors on the trigger.
i know, i noticed that but im too lazy to click and press a few buttons
Eh, me too.
you guys know u can rate this too : /
Gah!!! Okay, much better trigger though... how uncomfy is the handle? Also, don't put 'MrSillyGuns' infront of everything. We can see its made by you on the side. Its called a Break Action Shotgun.
:P i like it like that and thanks :D

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