Mérida's Bow for a Firend





Introduction: Mérida's Bow for a Firend

About: i'm a French association we make decors, costumes, accessories and makes performances in costumes mascot To follow our manufacturings of costumes, accessories and performances going on my page FB: http...

i make this Merida's bow props for a friend  Luce cosplay for french Epitanime convention

she's FB page  Luce cosplay  https://www.facebook.com/LuceCosplay?fref=ts

1- What did you make? 
i make this Bow  for a friend costume of Merida for an french Epitanime convention

2- How did you make it? 
i make this for animation and photo shoot

3- Where did you make it? 

i use real leather brown&  wood to make this to my workshop in my house

4- What did you learn? 

i learn nothing just i love conception and making

you can see the process on my page




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    Hey, would you by any chance remember what exact type of wood you used? I tried checking your facebook link but it's dead, probably because it's been four years. Thanks in advance!

    Where did you get the real bow? That you showed when you where tracing it?

    No it does not shoot I make them in a way that it is a pure props factice he can pull shoot i think but I did not try

    Can you please write instructions instead of just pictures? I'm illiterate with tools and would need exact names and processes!

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    You can see all the process and instructions on my page Facebook

    Www.facebook.com /LaurelienTofu


    This is really ciol

    You might try a woodburning tool for the detail work. It's a little easier to work with than the dremel.

    This looks great! You should totally put one of those last images first, the finished bow is fantastic!

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    You made a great project but I think that your first pictures are copyrighted.

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    Thanks yes i need to use pictures copyrighted for pictures reference for make a props like a real of the disney movie ^^