Picture of Ms. Pacman Arcade - iPod charger
This is an ipod docking station disguised as a Ms. Pacman Arcade machine. The ipod sits in its charging cradle and this arcade slips over the top, leaving only the screen exposed. The iPod's screen acts as the aracde's screen. The ipod plays a video of Ms Pacman, giving the illusion of a fully functional Ms Pacman Arcade.

Things you will need:

Cardboard pizza box
Hot glue gun
Printer for artwork
X-acto knife
iPod cradle
Mod Podge (puzzle glue)
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Step 1: Gather supplies and cut out shapes

Picture of Gather supplies and cut out shapes
Download the template for the sides, the entire artwork set, and the ipod formated video from this set on Flickr

Print out the side template.
Trace this shape onto the cardboard and cut it out with an X-acto.
Flip it over and trace it again, and cut it out again.
These will be the left and right sides of the arcade.
Measure your ipod and cut the connecting pieces accordingly.

Step 2: Assemble Pieces with glue

Picture of Assemble Pieces with glue
Glue all the cardboard pieces together. I used hot glue, but nearly any adhesive would work.

Test fit the arcade over the ipod and cradle. you will need to cut a slit in the back panel for the iPod charging cable to go through.

If it all fits the way you want, spray paint the entire assembly.

Step 3: Add artwork and video

Picture of Add artwork and video
Print the artwork you downloaded earlier.

Dab a littel Mod Podge onto the arcade and adhere the artwork to the cabinet. Do this for all the art work.

Once the art is in place, using a small paint brush, cover the entire arcade in Mod Podge, brushing over the art in the process. Don't worry, it goes on white, but it dries clear and leaves a nice gloss finish.

Add the Ms Pacman video to your ipod.

Turn on the video, dock the iPod and slip the arcade over it.

Sit back and enjoy!

RubyR02e2 years ago
Hey! I love the idea but the link doesnt work. :/
The link for the template doesn't work, and I really need the template in order to build this!
itg0d3ss4 years ago
Super SWEET!!!
Win Guy5 years ago
Does this video work with a 1GB Coby MP4?

Looks like think geek saw this!!


To bad it is April 1st....
im have been testing lol how downloading the video 
viral_dna5 years ago
Nice idea for a retro look while charging.

I'd like to see it taken a step further with Pac Man installed, and controls via a serial dock connection ;)

I think some Micro Surface Mount Buttons would be perfect.

For details and tools to achieve the serial interface you can start by checking out these sites:
what kind of ipod is this
russm313 (author)  imthatguy11255 years ago
It's an old 30Gb Video iPod.
(the best kind ;D)
jgeekw5 years ago
i personally would do mine in the style of Tron
russm313 (author)  jgeekw5 years ago
Tron would be awesome!
jgeekw5 years ago
very clever!
PS1185 years ago
Next step: Load up MAME and figure out some way to do mini buttons. ;) ;)