Step 2: Microwaving

Microwave on high for roughly a minute. You may have to microwave it longer or shorter, depending on your microwave, but the brownie should still be wet in the center when done.
It is amazing! I put it in medium heat and baked it for about 3-4 minutes and itturned out amazing! Everyone should try it!!! Thx to whoever thought about this, cuz its splendid!! Sorry that i dont have the final result to show cause i ate it!!
<p>Maybe a little less liquid, but we all have our own tastes don't we? XD<br>Also, I added marshmallows and sprinkles, which made it even better!</p>
i made this but added an egg to the ingredients and i like it. Using just oil and water left a lot of it as a powder
I've never had a sudden and desperate craving for anything before, but I had a taste for a brownie about an hour ago. It was interesting, as I could easily imagine the texture and flavor of my favorite kind of dark chocolate brownie, but I honestly thought it'd pass. From then to now, my need for a brownie only got stronger and I had to do something.<br>I looked up a couple key words to get to this recipe, which I found perfectly direct. I grabbed a cereal bowl, threw in all the ingredients, and tossed it in the microwave for a bit. <br>The only changes I made were honey instead of sugar, and milk instead of water. It was phenomenal! I'm going to make this all the damn time, and I'll be adding all sorts of whatever else I might want in it - it's seriously foolproof and exactly what I want!<br>TL;DR - This was perfect, thank you. :)
<p>I tried it and i won't say i wasn't happy but, the brownie didn't' taste that great, i made sure everything was in there and mixed properly, and i know it isn't just the ingredients i used because i use the same ones for everything I make and that always comes out right.</p>
<p><strong>Make a Delicious Brownies In this Few Steps</strong></p><p><a href="http://www.icookingrecipes.com/2016/02/brownie-recipes-how-to-make-brownie.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.icookingrecipes.com/2016/02/brownie-rec...</a></p>
<p>Hey guys. Pro(ish) Tip.</p><p>Mix the dry ingredients in bulk and write the wet to dry ratio on the bag/container.</p><p>It's versatile and great for those 'I must have chocolate naow' moments.</p><p>I just made up a half batch in cups... (2 cups sugar, 2 cups flour, 1 cup cocoa)</p><p>Just chuck in 6tbs of by mix, and the wets and add whatever extras as needed. =)</p>
<p>Thanks for the ratio info! I came here exclusively looking for ease related to &quot;bulking&quot; up my mix. And this was definitely my next question!</p>
<p>bugger... dry, not by.... dam auto correct.</p>
<p>I like to make a batch in a plastic container so I can make this very often without having to do the annoying stirring all the time and it's always stirred to perfection. To do this I measure in cups instead of tablespoons. My recipe is:</p><p>2 cups of flour<br>2 cups of sugar<br>1 cup of cacao<br>1 cup of melted butter<br>1 cup of water<br>a splash of vanilla extract<br>some salt</p><p>I tend to microwave it for about 1:20 but it really depends on how much batter you put in your mug.</p><p>Protip: Add the dry ingredients first and mix those before adding the liquids. To do this easily close the lid of the plastic container and shake instead of stirring, its a lot easier :)</p><p>Protip 2: Use a (semi-) clear container so you can locate any area's that haven't been mixed properly.</p>
<p>I like adding butter when I'm not watching my fat intake - as much. ;) <br>You save it with the wet ingredients already added? I guess this would be good if you're sure to eat it within a couple weeks, if stored in the fridge.</p>
I made it and it was NOT GOOD SORRY!!!!!!! It had NO sweetness at ALL!!
<p>I agree</p>
<p>Add a little stevia?</p>
<p>I made it with 1 1/2 tablespoons and it was plenty sweet....still too sweet to me, what it also was however was uninspired, very blah....i think i'll stick to chocolate mug cakes</p>
<p>it was okay </p>
<p>howlong are im supposed to microwave it??</p>
<p>Tastes amazing! Great recipe.</p>
<p>it was awesome thanks om nom nom </p>
Om nom nom!
Nice. Bit bitter with Bournville cocoa tho
<p>really good!! made 2 for me n my sister! </p>
<p>instead of cocoa powder u could use nesquick</p>
Just made 3 for me and the girls, amazing
<p>Turned out great! thank you</p>
I've tried this twice and it has come out a bit bitter both times, any tips? :/
If it's too bitter, try using either a bit more sugar or a bit less cacao
<p>I liked it! I made this with my Foods Teacher at my school, Churchill, and this is the exact same recipe. I love it when people who you don't know can make the same memory. (Dramatic much but whatever) &gt;w&lt;</p>
<p>NIce! I made it and it turned out great! I would recommend that before you heat it up you should put a good amount of penut butter in the centre of the mixture! it tastes amazing!</p>
<p>Omg yes.. that was amazing</p>
<p>What size mug works for this recipe?</p>
<p>It all depends really. As a rule of thumb though, I try to make sure no more than 1/2 to 2/is of the cup is full. That saying, I never add baking powder or soda to it. =)</p>
<p>So i just made this but it overflowed and was still wet and bubbly? Should i not have added baking powder or did i go wrong somehow?</p>
<p>baking powder is rising agent, so possibly not. Also, size of mug is a factor and how much liquid you added too. I find as long as the mixture looks like homemade playdoh in the mug your good to go. (If added nuts and such, it's going to look like it has lumps....)</p>
This recipe is great! My boyfriend has been bugging me to make him on since we first tried them a week ago. The other recipe wasnt that good but the brownie in this one was amazing. I even threw some chocolate chips on top towards the end of the cooking time. Delicious!!
<p>Made this last night - 1:15 was perfect! Delicious :D</p>
<p>I LOOoooOoooOooooOoOVVEEEEE BROWNIES IN A MUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 75/10!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
This saved my life.
<p>can you do it in a oven</p>
<p>I'm a chocolate lover and I approve this</p>
<p>This was really good! I guess I under-cook it a little so it's halfway between fudgy and batter-like. You can cook it for longer to have something fluffy and cake-like in texture, but remember that a microwave doesn't heat things evenly. </p><p>I see modifications on here, but they seem inconvenient(melting butter, more dishes to wash, pricier ingredients), which takes away from the appeal of a mug dessert a little bit, so here is my detailed method that has worked every time:<br>----<br>Add ingredients to mug in this order. </p><p>2 TBSP Water<br> - Microwave for 30 sec<br>1/2 to 1 TSP Instant coffee (Optional, but enhances flavor)<br>2 TBSP Vegetable oil<br>3 to 4 TBSP Sugar<br>Dash of salt<br>2 TBSP Cocoa powder<br>4 TBSP Flour<br> - Microwave for 1 min<br></p><p>Stir well after every addition with a fork. And for the cocoa and flour, stir after every tablespoon you add.<br>----<br>But I always cut the recipe in half because it's rich, and I'll microwave for 30 sec instead<br><br>Additions:<br>Chocolate chips<br>Walnut pieces<br>Nutella spread<br>Scoop of vanilla ice cream</p>
<p>This was yum. Simple &amp; gooey.</p><p>I did find this recipe a little sweet for my pallet, so in future I'm going to try reducing the sugar, or swapping it out for apple syrup (Appelstroop).</p>
<p>Just made this with my 10 yr old daughter. {Chocolate Attack} turned out awesome and so easy too. I used real butter instead of oil because I only had EVOO. One happy kiddo. Chocolate attack satisfied. </p>
<p>Hey guys I made this mug brownie recipe but it turned out like a spongy slimy mess, not sure why. </p><p>Here is how I tweaked it from using the comments and it turned out <strong>perfect</strong>, nice and flavorful with the best texture. These are all things you will find in your common household kitchen:</p><p>(Mix the wet and dry ingredients in separate bowls, add the liquids to the dries and stir <strong>thoroughly </strong>with a wisk then pour into an evenly portioned mug. Cook for 50 seconds in the microwave, then in 10 second intervals until its not super gooey looking.)</p>Dry:<p>-4 tbs. all purpose flour<br>-3 tbs. cane sugar<br>-1 tbs. brown sugar<br>-1 tbs. cocoa powder <br>-1 tbs. hot cocoa mix<br>-small pinch of salt<br>-small pinch of baking powder</p>Wet: <p>-1/4 tsp. vanilla extract<br>-2 tbs. milk (I used 2%)<br>-2 tbs. hot melted butter</p>
I really wish I had found your comment a long time ago! So much better than the org. recipe! But try some instant coffee in there. Omg! Takes it to the next level...

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