Step 2: Microwaving

Picture of Microwaving
Microwave on high for roughly a minute. You may have to microwave it longer or shorter, depending on your microwave, but the brownie should still be wet in the center when done.
wmarceaux2 years ago
Tried this twice. First try was fantastic, second time I might have added too much water and oil, there was water at the bottom of the brownie. Still delicious though!
Added marshmallows to mine both times for that delicious s'mores taste.
this tastes like poop skin.
tgower13 years ago
This is my fav! I add chocolate chips to mine as well lol
Never liked microwaved desserts but this recipe changed my mind!! and its so fast! :D
njohnson233 years ago
I tried this and mine came out perfectly delicious, I put it in for the suggested minute and it was still a little gooey so as most people figured out, a minute and 15 seconds in a pretty good amount of time to bake it for. Thanks! I love it! Much easier than making a whole batch a brownies when I just want one right now.
Preetahari4 years ago
while making 5 minute chocolate cake or mug brownie u never mentioned to add baking powder then how come the cake or brownie rise please do the needful
red thread4 years ago
i am sitting at my kitchen table now, enjoying the fruits of your instructable...
i was a bit short on cooking oil (finished the bottle of canola) but i just added a few drops of vanilla extract and everything came out fine after a minute fifteen in the microwave.

i also recommend putting it in only for twenty to thirty seconds at a time and checking back....don't want to end up with something rock solid at the bottom of our favorite mug now do we?
iac4 years ago
Too darn good !
I have a 600 Watt microwave, and nuked it for apx 20-25 seconds longer; checking it every 10 seconds. I'll remember for next time.
hrosdail4 years ago
Um. OMG! Delicious. I bake a lot and try this sort of instant stuff all the time but it never works. I couldn't believe it. I added a little vanilla and chocolate chips. I am living with a family in Spain for the summer and baking supplies are limited so this was perfect. Good thing to make with kids because it's easy and done before you lose their attention. I suggest watching in the microwave about every 30 seconds or less until the top is a little dry with little holes; or until it smells like someone is making brownies:). It took about 1.5 minutes in our microwave.
manny65744 years ago
I somehow ended up with it being rather dry before cooking, and then I put it in for 2:30 and it was ideal..

TXTCLA554 years ago
Thanks a lot! I ended up putting in an extra 15 seconds (1m15s total) and it came out great! Thanks again!
lalachug4 years ago
I tried this and it came out really floury and dry, but I think it's because I used this wheat flour that's not as fine as normal flour. So I tried again with white flour and then when I took it out after one minute it looked really wet on top, so I put it in for a few more seconds, and the brownie was too dry.

Thankfully, I found out that it just does look a bit wet on top after a minute, but that the inside is perfect.

Thanks! It's a great recipe, although I fear that I'll be eating a lot of brownies-in-a-mug, as they're just three minutes away!
Mine tasted a bit like a hot chocolate cake but it was really nics! :) thanks for the brilliant recipie!
Slinki5 years ago
I tried this recipe tonight with a couple of tiny tweaks - it turned out beautifully!  Chewy and chocolatey and just what hubby and I needed!  I also blogged about it - you can find the post here.  Thank you for sharing :)
 in another instructable (i wont say whose) they said to  microwave for 4 minutes
so i put it in for 3 to be safe
i ended up with a burnt solid black chunky mess
it was burned so badly against the bowl that i had to throw it out
its nice to see you only put one minute :)