Picture of Muiltple Wiimote mods all in One.
Here we go again. But this time the mods are so easy I'm going to put three of them into one, Easy A button, Nunchuck LED, and The Player Indicator mod. I want to first state that none of these mods are done by me. The only mods done by me first are the Power and B button mods. Well why don't we get a move on?

Im going to do the mods starting with: the nunchuck mod, easy a button mod, and the player indicator mod.
They go by page.

Here is what all you mods will look like when they are done.

***Please note that this will void your warranty you have on the wiimote and nunchuck***
****I am not responsible for any damage you do****

Just say something if you need some help.

Step 1: Lets get this Nunchuck done.

Picture of Lets get this Nunchuck done.
OK, well here we go.

Items needed:
1 Tri-wing screw driver. (just google tri-wing to find one to buy)
1 LED color of your choice (3mm)
1 12v resistor (if you care about battery life)
1 nunchuck
1 15watt soldering iron
electrical tape

First use your Tir-wing screw driver to unscrew the nunchuck. Force off the top as it has 2 clips that it connects to.

Second, bend your LED to look like picture one (the long leg of the LED is the positive ( + ) on and the short is the negative ( - ) . If you want to save battery power, cut some of a leg off and add a resistor to it. Place a piece of electrical tape on the nunchuck PCB board to avoid shorts.

Then you are going to solder the legs of the LED to the test points on the nunchuck that I have pointed out for you (if you have trouble with the small test points i have listed alternates). Plug the nunchuck into your wiimote to test it out.

If you get your light to well... light up, you've done it right. Put the guts of your nuchuck back into its body and screw it back in. And thats it!!!!

If you have any questions just ask, ill be happy to answer them.

Shall we move on to the Easy A button mod?
ThomasS301 month ago

Can I use smd 0603 leds for the a button and the nunchuck mod?

Wiimote Master (author)  ThomasS301 month ago

You can but I will urge against this because it will be more trouble then its worth trying to attach wires to the SMD and then isolate it so it doesnt short against the PCB (since the SMD contact are on its surface). I have tried doing something like that before and it was just to much effort and would never be reliable. If you want something lower profile then the 3MM led then buy some flat leds. If youre worried about price of 3mm leds dont be, they are very very cheap.

Miggboyy1 month ago

If I don't put a resistor, how fast do the batteries burn? (Nunchuck Mod)

Wiimote Master (author)  Miggboyy1 month ago
The resistor is mainly to help the LED not have to much voltage going to it causing it to burn out. The voltage on the nunchuck is 5v (if I remember right) and LEDs are usually 3v. So not using a resistor will not affect the battery in noticeable way.
Wiimote Master (author)  Wiimote Master1 month ago
Anything above 10k 1/4watt would be fine. Here is a link to some 10k ones- http://www.amazon.com/E-Projects-10k-Resistors-Watt-Pieces/dp/B00BWYS9BA/ref=sr_1_5?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1436792916&sr=1-5&keywords=resistor

However you only get 5 of them. Here is a link for 800 for 7$ more with various types (far better deal)- http://www.amazon.com/E-Projects-800-Piece-Value-Resistor/dp/B00PKCVCL4/ref=sr_1_17?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1436792916&sr=1-17-spons&keywords=resistor

Would these be ok? http://www.amazon.ca/250V-Axial-Lead-Carbon-Resist...

I'm in Canada so I looked for a region friendly deal.

Wiimote Master (author)  Miggboyy1 month ago


Thanks for replying! and what kind of resistor should I use? I'm fairly new to this stuff and I don't know which kind.

to anyone with incompatable remotes, just solder a wire on pin 1 of the 6 pin plug on the back, and the other to ground.
R3dfaction6 years ago
I'm surprised no one has noticed yet but the only controllers that work for the "A" button mod are the ones that came with wiiplay or if u bought it from store not the one that came with the console.

Check the link below

Would love to use this but the site's images have been removed. Update link?
89daviddd5 years ago
:( ur nunchuck is not made the same way as mine mine doesnt have the positive and negative at the same place
Mine was also different, but I figured it out. Look at where the wires come to the board. The red on one side is 3v and the black is ground. Wire it up in series with a 100 ohm resistor to get ~28ma.
it would be awesome if you could have color changing leds, is that even possible
If you want to do that just get some leds from here. Theyr'e pretty cheap but they do come from china usually so it takes 2-3 weeks to ship. Make sure you get some with 2 leads because the ones with 4 leads have each color control individual (Red, green, and blue) then a common anode or cathode. Using the 2 lead leds are just easier for something like this.
i have two types of colour changing leds
one where it just has two pins but you reverse the polarity of the terminals so +is - and - is +

and a nother one with 3 pins and the middle is - and each of the outside pins are + fo each colour
yep! i see leds smaller than the one he used for the button mods in those solar color changing globes. they change color on their own, so its pretty cool to do
OMF!!! i only fried my wiimote and nunchuk
Try to sent it back to wal-mart and say you bought it broke. If you bought it there. If not, go buy a wiimote and a nunchuck return next day saying its broke. (And you didnt hear this from me.)
nice idea
Very Great idea! I just have one question. How many volts are going into the nunchuck and wii remote at the points you connected to? I want to find out what kind of resistors I'm going to need.
if it's 5 volts i would use a 240Ω resistor
I dont have a wiimote on hand right now but the wiimote uses 5vdc
Okay thanks
maxthrottle4 years ago
Do you know how to remotely wire a switch to operate the B (trigger button?)
can you do the same think but in a play station control?
legoman23005 years ago
wiimote master I have tried to mod my nunchuck and have failed constantly I will pay you $30 10 dollars a mod I will also pay for shipping if you accept please email me at kenz.lee123@yahoo.com
Wiimote Master (author)  legoman23004 years ago
If you still want me to sure thing.
raykholo5 years ago
Was the fuse issue related to the smd leds?
So there's absolutely no way to do this if I have the remote that came with the console :-S ? I see that there is a "+" and "-" by where the vibration motor is connected, but wasn't sure if that would make the led turn on constant or not 8-} If anybody knows how to do this with the remote that came with the console, please reply.
Wiimote Master (author)  RiddleOfSphinx6 years ago
Well if you want the led to light up when the remote vibrates then put the led on the plus and minus on the remote. But you can check the points on the remote and see if it lights up when the remote is on. I can show you what points to use if you don't have a remote with the inside that match up with the picture shown.
Oh, I know it'll flash and what not when you hook it up to the plus and mius. I just didn't know what contacts to solder to since it's a different remote. So, yeah, if you could I'd appreciate it if you could show me :)
Try connecting the LED through a rectifier, so it doesn't flash but stays on during the vibration.
If the vibration is triggered in bursts, then a capacitor is what you need, in parallel with the LED.
MisterAlex6 years ago
Man, this is great. You don't happen to live in the Dallas area, do you? I'd pay to have someone mod my controllers for me (hardly any soldering experience). I may give it a shot anyway, though.
Wiimote Master (author)  MisterAlex6 years ago
I live in Missouri. If you really want me to make you one i can but i can't pay for shipping and ill have to have alittle money for supply's and labor. It would come around 70 bucks total. So i would try to do it yourself first and if you can't seem to get it, let me know and we'll work something out.
where in MO? around central?
Wiimote Master (author)  crazyhalofreak6 years ago
More around St.Louis.
baconmaster5 years ago
By the looks of it the resistor colours are green,blue, brown and goldso i think its 560ohms +/- 5% and i reckon 1/4 watt. If thats the samenunchuck used throughout the process (which im pretty sure it is) thatresistor should work. if this has already been posted im sorry
jaahas6 years ago
its that led a 15-30 mcd or more?
oo thanks i gonna try
goeon6 years ago
the led is flashing what do i do
goeon goeon6 years ago
on the a button
goeon goeon6 years ago
nvm fixed it
RazorChrist6 years ago
I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome easy guides! I finally finished putting in the flashing Tri-color LED into my nunchuck. Had a problem with the thumbstick pushing down on the LED, causing it to short and turn off, but fixed that by filing down the outside edge of the LED. Made a video of it to show off, so here it is:


P.S. Random shorts suck...lol.
Wiimote Master (author)  RazorChrist6 years ago
Hey no problem, glad to help people. Great job on your mod by the way.
hi thanks for this guide, iv used it too light up one of my mote and it looks great, but my other mote differs from my first one, do u have a pic of the solder points for the differnet version of mote? thanks
There are other points on which you can solder but I haven't found them or can't remember. THe best thing to do is to make the other light up on rumble by attaching it to the rumble. Then your friends play with you and say "Why do you get the cool one?" then it rumbles and they say "O thats cool". Its what i did.
mayday2956 years ago
When he says you might blow a fuse , he means you are guarenteed to blow a fuse, and even when you fix it it might not work. ( i blew a fuse, fixed it, and then when i tried it again the controller wouldnt work (the light would) until i disconnected the led.
RazorChrist6 years ago
Hi, quick question. I was looking around for some LEDS, when I stumbled across a 3mm Flashing color LED, flashes between Red/Blue/Green with a flash rate of approx 1sec. The leads on the LED are the same as a standard single color LED, so I was wondering if you could take a look and tell me if it can be used for say the Nunchuck LED mod. Thanks.

noobiefied6 years ago
nice... but $70 ? i think u need to think of a new marketing strategy O.O
Wiimote Master (author)  noobiefied6 years ago
Well the wiimote cost 50 and shipping alone would be between 8 to 25$. Thats $75 without labor and supplies. So $70 isn't as bad as you think. Also I'm not here to make money thats why I made the Instructable, to encourage people to do it on their own.
thanks for the new icon, XD, it looks awsume :)
darandriel6 years ago
this looks great, and seems pratical for those time when u have friends over and u like a certain wiimote or nunchuck. I'd love to try this once i get better with the LED things
Hey. I want to do this but i dont know what resistor should I buy.
Look here.


0.25W K 56
0.25W 33
0.25W K 2.2

I dont get what is the diference between all these resistors.
Which should I buy?
Wiimote Master (author)  rey619mysterio6 years ago
I just used some resistors for 12V that i got from ebay when i bought the 3mm LEDs.


I can't read your page so i can,t tell you which to get. :(
cool!! Thanks!
Clayton H.6 years ago
try the a buton and b button mod on the classic controler
Wiimote Master (author)  Clayton H.6 years ago
Would you like me to write a Instructables on the classic controller?
yesm... pleche
Wiimote Master (author) 6 years ago
Sorry to hear that. Make sure that your using 3mm LEDs, you don't cross any wires (also you need to lay something under the led legs) and you might need a resistor.
R3dfaction6 years ago
hhmm.... tried this and it literaly fried my nunchuk but im willing to try it again with the other one i have...
D-RAL6 years ago
can I just buy a wii mote with the player indicators and the a button mod? cause I'm not allowed to do this and I think its super cool.
where do you put the resistor?
Wiimote Master (author)  jester0709936 years ago
For what mod? Just try to replace a leg of the LED for the resistor and play with it to fit it inside the wiimote case.
for the nunchuck, and do you just solder the led to the led or how do you get it to stay on the led
Hey, What size SMD LEDs did you use? I didn't see any SMDs in that eBay shop. I accidentally ordered 1.2mm ones from Mouser... before realizing they were 1.2mm.
Wiimote Master (author)  pinballwizard966 years ago
SMD 0603
Coffee bean6 years ago
very cool look it man
ryzzey6 years ago
i did these mods and they worked fine, only thing is you need to add a resisitor as batteries will run out quicker otherwise. Great Mods, thanks :D
twist2b6 years ago
Maybe I am ignorant (sorry) but how does the light GLOW through the nunchuck and the B button? I really like these hacks. I am really good with art and I am going to work on a whole AC:CF theme (completely edit the case just like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Super-Mario-Bros-Inspired-Wii-with-USB-base/ )
These light hacks should help. I am currently becoming an Electric Engineer so these steps were a snap to follow. Thanks mate!
Wiimote Master (author)  twist2b6 years ago
Well since the plastic is thin and also white it doesnt block light very good allowing it to shine through the case.
Ok, thats really neat. I LOVE the nunchuk glow AROUND the circle, Thanks alot for the instructable. I will deff use this.
StefanT6 years ago
Thanks al lot for this tutorial!
here the results: http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=gxrtuQ9F8NE
StefanT6 years ago
How much leds can you build in the Wii mote?
Wiimote Master (author)  StefanT6 years ago
1 for the B button and 1 for the A button.
Total 2 LEDs? how much soldering points for the leds has the wiimote?
siedpe137 years ago
fuses blow for a reason, so is it safe to do
Wiimote Master (author)  siedpe137 years ago
This is only as a last resort. It is safe since the wiimote doesnt use much power so theres no real harm that can happen. It also safes you $40, unless you kept the case and bought it from walmart. Then just take it back and say it never worked ;) but you didnt hear this from me.
When i press a button nothing happens and then i tried the fuse thing and it still dosn't work.WHAT NOW????
Wiimote Master (author)  poiuyt557 years ago
Remove the LED and see if it works. If not then you blew up the wiimote and have to get a new one. Sorry mate.
or the big capacitor broke on the bottom, like one of mine....... but not by me, by the bloody bateries that were in it, they leaked...... :¦
what about putting a resistor
JellyWoo7 years ago
wait, so the nunchuck led uses the power from the wii remote right? also does the light for the nunchuck, player indicater, and a button stay on the whole time? thanks, great instructable
erwan7 years ago
Hi, Thank you for these awesome mods! I can't wait to apply it to my 4 wii remotes. I'm now shopping for LEDs (for the player indicator mods) but I'm not sure what voltage to take. I see LEDs with 2.0V to 3.2V. I believe the brightness will change with a different voltage, and I just want something with a brightness similar to the original LEDs. What voltage should I use?
Wiimote Master (author)  erwan7 years ago
Go with 3.2 for all but green runs alittle bright so you might want to make that a 2v. But any will work, just play around with it. Maybe buy both!
StefanT7 years ago
Why electrical tape??
Wiimote Master (author)  StefanT7 years ago
Becuase its black and light doesnt shine throu it as much.
Ok, Thanks. But, I have a 5 mm rainbow LED (4 colours chance etc.) Can I this use? Or do I have 3 mm uses? Sorry for my bad English but I'm Dutch (From The Netherlands / Holland) ;)
Wiimote Master (author)  StefanT7 years ago
You wont be able to fit a 5mm in there but you can try.
Hmm, I go try it ;) As it works, then you hear it ;) Thanks ;)
StefanT StefanT7 years ago
Hm, it works but, it go not under the control stick (Nuncuck Sorry for my bad English ;)
deathblood27 years ago
Aren't resistors classed based on Ohms? Could you please reply with how many Ohms your resistor is? Much appreciated
Even better for the player number leds
1 is red
2 is blue
3 is yellow
and 4 is green
so if you use it for brawl each persons player Indicator led matches there player color =D
Can't you change your player colors in any SSB game, or at least Melee and Brawl?
Wiimote Master (author)  pokefreak5017 years ago
Put them how ever you like. ; )
super awesome if they have a wii accessory hack contest you will win 5 stars
casey321b7 years ago
thats awesome!!! i lie how you put the colors of the player so that they match with games. also it would be cool to put all those colors in the nunchucks so you would have a nunchuck to represent what color you are too.
Wiimote Master (author)  casey321b7 years ago
Its been thought of but its harder then you think. You have to have the wiimote send information to the nunchuck to tell it what player it is. Which the wiimote doesn't send that information, but I've got an idea. Ill work on it.
Hmm, a 3mm red LED was NOT bright enough at all for me, you couldn't even tell that I had a light inside. My local radio shack was out of blue LEDs. I bought a rectangular red LED that is a bit brighter, I had to put two in the nunchuck to be able to see anything. For some reason, my A button light makes the wiimote shut off after a second, the controller won't stay on. I'm going to resolder it to see if that helps, might have a cold joint or something. I don't see why you said a resistor was needed, battery life is about the same to me, using Nyko rechargeable. Anyway, thanks for the tutorial. Has anyone had success running two LEDs off of the Wiimote A button points? I'm trying it, I'll post whether or not it worked.
Wiimote Master (author)  zombieposessor7 years ago
Trust me the reason it turns off is because the LED is taken too much power from the wiimote. Try to add a resistor and see if the turn off stops.
I was talking about the LED in the Wiimote, not nunchuck. Just how in the hell am I supposed to put a resistor on the Wiimote A button LED? There's barely any room for it, I actually had to sand the inside of the wiimote down to get the LED to fit.
Wiimote Master (author)  zombieposessor7 years ago
Its hard, ive had to do it once. You have to work it in there. Try some ways out. Also there was no need at all to sand the inside. You just had to break off alittle tab. Are you sure you have a 3mm?
Yeah, I'm sure I had a 3mm. I used a rectangular LED the second time around because a 3mm was not bright enough, I only had an LED of 50mcd or so. I had to sand the inside, even with the tab broken off. I've taken pictures and stuff.

Wiimote Picture 1

Look at that picture. Right next to the LED on the left is where I sanded, between the actual plastic part of the remote and the PCB. It works, either way. I even added two in the Nunchuck, as you can see here:

Nunchuck Picture 1
Wiimote Master (author)  zombieposessor7 years ago
"I only had an LED of 50mcd" That would explain why it was so dim, the LEDs i use are 5000mcd, and i buy them from here. http://stores.ebay.com/hktaiyuen-LED-store If you look at the picture i have for the easy a button mod you can tell that the LED is super bright.
You also have to remember to point the LED at the soft rubber inside. But hey if it works for you then no reason to change it. : )
Oh I've already ordered the 5000mcds, from that same guy, apparently, ha.
I would suggest everyone to use LEDs that have a high MCD value. Your common 80mcd radio shack LED will not be bright at all and will probably dissapoint most people. You can find 3,000 or even 5,000mcd LEDs on ebay in all kinds of colors.
Hyperian7 years ago
what size is that LED? I tried to do this mod and i could not fit the LED head under the joystick 'dome'. When i put the dome on with the LED, i cant move the joystick freely.
Wiimote Master (author)  Hyperian7 years ago
Wow im sorryi didnt put it on there. You need a 3mm LED. Ill edit the page, thanks for catching that.
led2357 years ago
I got a Question, why did you bridge the fuse? is the fuse not needed? Great job! I am so favoriting and doing this for my Wiimote!
Wiimote Master (author)  led2357 years ago
The bridge is only as a last mean of repair in case you blow it. If your wiimote wont turn on after you mod it, you can try to repair it by bridging the fuse.
Zephron7 years ago
Help! That tiny tab you show in picture 3, it fell off. I totally forgot where it was supposed to go... is it important? Please tell me where it goes xO.
Wiimote Master (author)  Zephron7 years ago
You dont need it completely, it just keeps the wiimote's top plate connected to the lower one. All you need to do it when your done with the mod super glue the 2 parts together in the front. (when you put the case back together youll see that one side is higher then the other, thats where you should glue it.)
WiiTryce7 years ago
Question: What size solder did you use? And where did you find it on the internet? Thanks!
Wiimote Master (author)  WiiTryce7 years ago
62/36/2 .015 dia. I got it at RadioShack.
hey I did your nunchuck mod and it worked fine for a day or so and then the whole remote stopped working. PLEASE HELP!
Wiimote Master (author)  iamthemagic17 years ago
Put a resistor on the LED, its taking to much power form the Wiimote. Tell me if that helps.
I already had a resistor installed but it still wont work ( any controller you plug the nunchuck into stops working.)
Wiimote Master (author)  iamthemagic17 years ago
There is something wrong with the nunchuck taken to much power to use. The wiimotes arent working because they are having to send all their power to the nunchuck. Is your LED a 3mm? Try putting a bigger resistor on it. Or take off the LED and see if the nunchuck will work then.
I took the led off the nunchuck and it still wont work no matter what i do. i think i may have fried the circuit board
maxxxem7 years ago
you dont need to buy a try-wing screw driver . you can use a flat head. I dont rember the name but some one posted an instructable about this.
here it ishere it is

craig37 years ago
where did you put the led? because i tried to put it there it looks like you have it but the case wont close afterwards
Wiimote Master (author)  craig37 years ago
You have to make sure when you bend the LED around to teh other side that th legs arent sticking out. It will be a tigh fit but if you have the legs of the LED on the PCB (green board) youll be fine. If you look on picture #4 you can tell that the LED is right on the pcb.
siedpe137 years ago
12v resistor????
rickyd!7 years ago
do the smd leds have a sppecific + and - like regular leds?
Wiimote Master (author)  rickyd!7 years ago
Yes they do, on the back there are 2 brass pads and one in the pos and neg. Im sorry to tell you i do not know which is which and couldnt find any information. The best thing to do is trial and error. Leave the back on the wiimote with the batterys in and once youve removed your blue SMD place the new one on the spot and press a button and see if it lights up. Make sure the pads on the SMD are touching the wiimotes pads. Hope that helps :D
axel58907 years ago
what are the tp### numbers on the plus and minus solder pads, mine doesn't look the same?
Wiimote Master (author)  axel58907 years ago
You most likely have an older style remote and you wont be able to do this mod.
actually I have both styles of the wiimote, and for anyone who has the old style all you need to do is solder two very tiny wires to the correct TP# soldering pads
rickyd!7 years ago
what is the color band on the resistor?
andrew12347 years ago
where do u get those led s
Wiimote Master (author)  andrew12347 years ago
I buy my off of Ebay because there so cheap. Just search 3mm LEDS and you get a ton of results, or you can buy them from Radio Shack.
M3mph1s7 years ago
You don't NEED a tri-wind screw driver, but if your going to be taking apart Nintendo stuff a lot, then yeah, they are a good idea. For a one-time thing, you can use the right size of flathead and it'll work just fine. I do it all the time with other Nintendo stuff. Man, I really wanna try this with my friend's WiiMotes and stuff!!! Maybe I can get some cash from him if I do it right and don't screw it all up!
nintendo3097 years ago
Very nice. I am thinking of doing this, but first, get some paint, sand the wiimote with very fine sand paper, paint it black, and make the lights black. Thanks for the tut. PS: Do you have a tut for the LED inside the wii?
Wiimote Master (author)  nintendo3097 years ago
That sounds good. Thanks for the like. And I would have the LED inside the wii tut but i no longer have a wii after ... =*(** modding accident.
Yah, That kind of discourages me from modding my wii... But I have an extra wiimote lying around, so that'll be modded once I get a triwing screw driver. (BTW, I meant read lights in the above message.) Anyway, keep doing what your doing and make nintendo's products... better than when they just came out of the oven. Thanks, nintendo309
nintendo3097 years ago
On second thought, im just going to by the casing from http://www.nds-central.com/
MooTaters7 years ago
soooo....all the ones for the nunchuck I've seen don't use a resistor
that would be so much cooler if you made it blue. :) Awesome.
Well since I don't have a wii anymore i had to borrow my friend's nunchuck and wiimote to do the mods and his fav color is... well green. ; ) Why don't you make this mod and do it in blue then post a pic?
I would like to put LEDs in the hg3 guitar but my older brother wont let me and the wii remote is allot more complex then the gh3 guitar. sot the same reason as every one I don't want to break any thing lol.
nice but I like wii blue more ,still sweat!
Awesome job!
You actually are the Wiimote Master.
Noodle937 years ago

If you want to, you can add this to the Nintendo group. It's aimed at gathering all mods/hacks/builds that are related to Nintendo.


Also, I want to do this but don't want to break it. :(
craig37 years ago
Another fantastic job. Keep it up and i hope to see more from you
craig3 craig37 years ago
Actually i just have one question about it, in all three of you wii remote mods, you say to solder to the same two points, is it possible to have 2 or more L.E.Ds to the same positive and negative points? I'm heading into town today and this new mod you've put up reminded me to go buy some supply's
Wiimote Master (author)  craig37 years ago
Can you explain your question some more im not quite getting it. There are different spots you solder to, ones in the nunchuck and the wiimote, each mod has its own solder points. You can add more then one to a point, yes, is it safe... not really (it sucks to much power away from the spot) You can also solder the A button mod to the rumble points just like the B button mod. Help?
It does help but just o clarify what i meant, is it possible to solder the B, A and power button L.E.Ds to the same points you used for the Power button, in the Wii remote, not the nunchuk