Picture of Muiltple Wiimote mods all in One.
Here we go again. But this time the mods are so easy I'm going to put three of them into one, Easy A button, Nunchuck LED, and The Player Indicator mod. I want to first state that none of these mods are done by me. The only mods done by me first are the Power and B button mods. Well why don't we get a move on?

Im going to do the mods starting with: the nunchuck mod, easy a button mod, and the player indicator mod.
They go by page.

Here is what all you mods will look like when they are done.

***Please note that this will void your warranty you have on the wiimote and nunchuck***
****I am not responsible for any damage you do****

Just say something if you need some help.

Step 1: Lets get this Nunchuck done.

Picture of Lets get this Nunchuck done.
OK, well here we go.

Items needed:
1 Tri-wing screw driver. (just google tri-wing to find one to buy)
1 LED color of your choice (3mm)
1 12v resistor (if you care about battery life)
1 nunchuck
1 15watt soldering iron
electrical tape

First use your Tir-wing screw driver to unscrew the nunchuck. Force off the top as it has 2 clips that it connects to.

Second, bend your LED to look like picture one (the long leg of the LED is the positive ( + ) on and the short is the negative ( - ) . If you want to save battery power, cut some of a leg off and add a resistor to it. Place a piece of electrical tape on the nunchuck PCB board to avoid shorts.

Then you are going to solder the legs of the LED to the test points on the nunchuck that I have pointed out for you (if you have trouble with the small test points i have listed alternates). Plug the nunchuck into your wiimote to test it out.

If you get your light to well... light up, you've done it right. Put the guts of your nuchuck back into its body and screw it back in. And thats it!!!!

If you have any questions just ask, ill be happy to answer them.

Shall we move on to the Easy A button mod?
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ThomasS301 month ago

Can I use smd 0603 leds for the a button and the nunchuck mod?

Wiimote Master (author)  ThomasS301 month ago

You can but I will urge against this because it will be more trouble then its worth trying to attach wires to the SMD and then isolate it so it doesnt short against the PCB (since the SMD contact are on its surface). I have tried doing something like that before and it was just to much effort and would never be reliable. If you want something lower profile then the 3MM led then buy some flat leds. If youre worried about price of 3mm leds dont be, they are very very cheap.

Miggboyy1 month ago

If I don't put a resistor, how fast do the batteries burn? (Nunchuck Mod)

Wiimote Master (author)  Miggboyy1 month ago
The resistor is mainly to help the LED not have to much voltage going to it causing it to burn out. The voltage on the nunchuck is 5v (if I remember right) and LEDs are usually 3v. So not using a resistor will not affect the battery in noticeable way.
Wiimote Master (author)  Wiimote Master1 month ago
Anything above 10k 1/4watt would be fine. Here is a link to some 10k ones- http://www.amazon.com/E-Projects-10k-Resistors-Watt-Pieces/dp/B00BWYS9BA/ref=sr_1_5?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1436792916&sr=1-5&keywords=resistor

However you only get 5 of them. Here is a link for 800 for 7$ more with various types (far better deal)- http://www.amazon.com/E-Projects-800-Piece-Value-Resistor/dp/B00PKCVCL4/ref=sr_1_17?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1436792916&sr=1-17-spons&keywords=resistor

Would these be ok? http://www.amazon.ca/250V-Axial-Lead-Carbon-Resist...

I'm in Canada so I looked for a region friendly deal.

Wiimote Master (author)  Miggboyy1 month ago


Thanks for replying! and what kind of resistor should I use? I'm fairly new to this stuff and I don't know which kind.

to anyone with incompatable remotes, just solder a wire on pin 1 of the 6 pin plug on the back, and the other to ground.
R3dfaction6 years ago
I'm surprised no one has noticed yet but the only controllers that work for the "A" button mod are the ones that came with wiiplay or if u bought it from store not the one that came with the console.

Check the link below

Would love to use this but the site's images have been removed. Update link?
89daviddd5 years ago
:( ur nunchuck is not made the same way as mine mine doesnt have the positive and negative at the same place
Mine was also different, but I figured it out. Look at where the wires come to the board. The red on one side is 3v and the black is ground. Wire it up in series with a 100 ohm resistor to get ~28ma.
it would be awesome if you could have color changing leds, is that even possible
If you want to do that just get some leds from here. Theyr'e pretty cheap but they do come from china usually so it takes 2-3 weeks to ship. Make sure you get some with 2 leads because the ones with 4 leads have each color control individual (Red, green, and blue) then a common anode or cathode. Using the 2 lead leds are just easier for something like this.
i have two types of colour changing leds
one where it just has two pins but you reverse the polarity of the terminals so +is - and - is +

and a nother one with 3 pins and the middle is - and each of the outside pins are + fo each colour
yep! i see leds smaller than the one he used for the button mods in those solar color changing globes. they change color on their own, so its pretty cool to do
OMF!!! i only fried my wiimote and nunchuk
Try to sent it back to wal-mart and say you bought it broke. If you bought it there. If not, go buy a wiimote and a nunchuck return next day saying its broke. (And you didnt hear this from me.)
nice idea
Very Great idea! I just have one question. How many volts are going into the nunchuck and wii remote at the points you connected to? I want to find out what kind of resistors I'm going to need.
if it's 5 volts i would use a 240Ω resistor
I dont have a wiimote on hand right now but the wiimote uses 5vdc
Okay thanks
maxthrottle4 years ago
Do you know how to remotely wire a switch to operate the B (trigger button?)
can you do the same think but in a play station control?
legoman23005 years ago
wiimote master I have tried to mod my nunchuck and have failed constantly I will pay you $30 10 dollars a mod I will also pay for shipping if you accept please email me at kenz.lee123@yahoo.com
Wiimote Master (author)  legoman23004 years ago
If you still want me to sure thing.
raykholo5 years ago
Was the fuse issue related to the smd leds?
So there's absolutely no way to do this if I have the remote that came with the console :-S ? I see that there is a "+" and "-" by where the vibration motor is connected, but wasn't sure if that would make the led turn on constant or not 8-} If anybody knows how to do this with the remote that came with the console, please reply.
Wiimote Master (author)  RiddleOfSphinx6 years ago
Well if you want the led to light up when the remote vibrates then put the led on the plus and minus on the remote. But you can check the points on the remote and see if it lights up when the remote is on. I can show you what points to use if you don't have a remote with the inside that match up with the picture shown.
Oh, I know it'll flash and what not when you hook it up to the plus and mius. I just didn't know what contacts to solder to since it's a different remote. So, yeah, if you could I'd appreciate it if you could show me :)
Try connecting the LED through a rectifier, so it doesn't flash but stays on during the vibration.
If the vibration is triggered in bursts, then a capacitor is what you need, in parallel with the LED.
MisterAlex6 years ago
Man, this is great. You don't happen to live in the Dallas area, do you? I'd pay to have someone mod my controllers for me (hardly any soldering experience). I may give it a shot anyway, though.
Wiimote Master (author)  MisterAlex6 years ago
I live in Missouri. If you really want me to make you one i can but i can't pay for shipping and ill have to have alittle money for supply's and labor. It would come around 70 bucks total. So i would try to do it yourself first and if you can't seem to get it, let me know and we'll work something out.
where in MO? around central?
Wiimote Master (author)  crazyhalofreak6 years ago
More around St.Louis.
baconmaster5 years ago
By the looks of it the resistor colours are green,blue, brown and goldso i think its 560ohms +/- 5% and i reckon 1/4 watt. If thats the samenunchuck used throughout the process (which im pretty sure it is) thatresistor should work. if this has already been posted im sorry
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