Step 2: Easy A button

OK lets start with the A button. To follow this page I will list the steps in the order or the pictures.

1 Tri-wing screw driver. (just google tri-wing to find one to buy)
1 LED color of your choice
1 wiimote
1 15watt soldering iron
Electrical tape

First remove the screws from the wiimote. You'll notice that the wiimote won't open easy around the top and this is a real problem area for everyone, even me. The best think you can do is try to pull the case up as far as you can and put a butter knife uner the top and push down toward the bottom. If you break a peg off don't worry about it, when you done modding the wiimote just put a dab of superglue on the side and it'll hold fine.

Secondly bend your LED to look something like mine. Then your going to want to fit the LED around wiimote's PCB like image #3, once you have it aligned facing the a button solder it down. *remember what legs on the LED are Positive and Negative* (images 2 and 4 are not mine, taken form www.wiimotemods.com)
Test if you did it right by putting the PCB back in the bottom case of the wiimote and put some batterys in and push a button. If your light lights up... well you get the picture.

Next you need to break off a tab that will block your LED from fitting inside your wiimote. Look to images 5 and see for help. Put down electrical tape so the LED doesn't shine through the wiimote's case.

If its working you should see something like image #8.

Trouble shooting.
If you hit a button and your Player indicator lights come on but led doesn't.
check led connection.
Batterys are in but nothing is working.
You have most likely blown a fuse inside the wiimote.
How to fix this
First take some tweezers and look by your One and Two, there will be a little fuse with the letters F1 by it. Put your tweezer on the 2 outside points and press a button. Once your lights come on take wire and bridge the connection like i did.

Please ask for help if you need me to explain something further.
R3dfaction6 years ago
I'm surprised no one has noticed yet but the only controllers that work for the "A" button mod are the ones that came with wiiplay or if u bought it from store not the one that came with the console.

Check the link below

Would love to use this but the site's images have been removed. Update link?
can you do the same think but in a play station control?
hi thanks for this guide, iv used it too light up one of my mote and it looks great, but my other mote differs from my first one, do u have a pic of the solder points for the differnet version of mote? thanks
There are other points on which you can solder but I haven't found them or can't remember. THe best thing to do is to make the other light up on rumble by attaching it to the rumble. Then your friends play with you and say "Why do you get the cool one?" then it rumbles and they say "O thats cool". Its what i did.
So there's absolutely no way to do this if I have the remote that came with the console :-S ? I see that there is a "+" and "-" by where the vibration motor is connected, but wasn't sure if that would make the led turn on constant or not 8-} If anybody knows how to do this with the remote that came with the console, please reply.
Wiimote Master (author)  RiddleOfSphinx6 years ago
Well if you want the led to light up when the remote vibrates then put the led on the plus and minus on the remote. But you can check the points on the remote and see if it lights up when the remote is on. I can show you what points to use if you don't have a remote with the inside that match up with the picture shown.
Oh, I know it'll flash and what not when you hook it up to the plus and mius. I just didn't know what contacts to solder to since it's a different remote. So, yeah, if you could I'd appreciate it if you could show me :)
mayday2956 years ago
When he says you might blow a fuse , he means you are guarenteed to blow a fuse, and even when you fix it it might not work. ( i blew a fuse, fixed it, and then when i tried it again the controller wouldnt work (the light would) until i disconnected the led.
where do you put the resistor?
ryzzey6 years ago
i did these mods and they worked fine, only thing is you need to add a resisitor as batteries will run out quicker otherwise. Great Mods, thanks :D
siedpe137 years ago
fuses blow for a reason, so is it safe to do
Wiimote Master (author)  siedpe137 years ago
This is only as a last resort. It is safe since the wiimote doesnt use much power so theres no real harm that can happen. It also safes you $40, unless you kept the case and bought it from walmart. Then just take it back and say it never worked ;) but you didnt hear this from me.
When i press a button nothing happens and then i tried the fuse thing and it still dosn't work.WHAT NOW????
Wiimote Master (author)  poiuyt557 years ago
Remove the LED and see if it works. If not then you blew up the wiimote and have to get a new one. Sorry mate.
or the big capacitor broke on the bottom, like one of mine....... but not by me, by the bloody bateries that were in it, they leaked...... :¦
what about putting a resistor
Zephron7 years ago
Help! That tiny tab you show in picture 3, it fell off. I totally forgot where it was supposed to go... is it important? Please tell me where it goes xO.
Wiimote Master (author)  Zephron7 years ago
You dont need it completely, it just keeps the wiimote's top plate connected to the lower one. All you need to do it when your done with the mod super glue the 2 parts together in the front. (when you put the case back together youll see that one side is higher then the other, thats where you should glue it.)
craig37 years ago
where did you put the led? because i tried to put it there it looks like you have it but the case wont close afterwards
Wiimote Master (author)  craig37 years ago
You have to make sure when you bend the LED around to teh other side that th legs arent sticking out. It will be a tigh fit but if you have the legs of the LED on the PCB (green board) youll be fine. If you look on picture #4 you can tell that the LED is right on the pcb.
andrew12347 years ago
where do u get those led s
Wiimote Master (author)  andrew12347 years ago
I buy my off of Ebay because there so cheap. Just search 3mm LEDS and you get a ton of results, or you can buy them from Radio Shack.