Mullet Fence





Introduction: Mullet Fence

the mullet haircut looks the business up front but there's a party going on out back,this is my inspiration.the fence is made from pallets the main job for it is to keep the kids off the driveway ,recycle and keep stuff out of landfill,block some of the wind off the garden and be fun!

Step 1: Collect Pallets

collected the amount of pallets I would need for the length of fence then stained them.they are not tanalized so staining will preserve them for a while

Step 2: Fence Erection?

I used warratahs or steel pickets 1.8 mtrs high then fixed with roofing screws

Step 3: Inescapeable

I realized that for kids a pallet on its side is a ladder to be to stop that I had an old pile of painted timber lengths that were once a book case and fixed these to the yard side of the fence with wood screws now the kids can't get a grip to be able to climb

Step 4: Musical Eureka Moment

I realized that they sort of resembled an upright piano but were missing the black keys( which Is one of my favorite bands so I couldn't leave them out) so I cut some pallet wood to about 50 cm lengths painted black then nailed it IMHO



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I love music, so I can see a piano fence in my yard.

Cool have fun making it

Cool have fun making it

Looks good, but try getting a piano tuner out to finish it off and see what they say.

Yeah the pitch is a bit well for chopsticks tho

Stick with the black keys and you will always stay sharp.

Nice work.

It's incredible what you can learn on Instructables. I always thought the black keys were the flats. So now I need to know where the flats actually are. Or can't you play flats on a picket fence?

I see, you can be whatever you want to be. Remember, you can tune a piano but you can't tune a fish.

What a great and geeky idea!!