Multi Beaded Plait Bangle - Choker/Bracelet/Ancklet





Introduction: Multi Beaded Plait Bangle - Choker/Bracelet/Ancklet

I like having jewelry which can be adjusted so that you may wear it in different parts of your body according to your moods ;-).

This is pretty simple and can be adjusted to the colors you like very easily.

Step 1: Materials

Small beads in two colors.- Bronze and White (you could add more according to your preferences)

Craft wire small enough so that the tiny beads can go through.


Step 2:

Cut 15 wires the same length. If you want to use as a choker, take it extra long so that it would wrap around your neck comfortable. If you want to use this same bangle for your hands too don't take too long as it might fall off your hands. Try and get a proper balance.

Take a length of wire and make a loop in one end.

Now add white beads, and fill up till you reach your required length. Make another loop at the other end closing the wire.

Wrap around a glass and try and bend to a nice circular shape.

Make 9 White and 6 Bronze.

Step 3: Assembly

Take another wire. Make a loop and pass a bronze bead.

Now pass the loop of one bronze bangle, a spacer bead (bronze) ,white bangle , spacer bead, and so on.

I did the bangles in a pattern of bronze, 3 whites and bronze. With bronze spacer beads in between. End with a bronze spacer bead and close with a loop.

Now separate the the single bangles into 3 sections. You would notice that you would get the whites bordered with bronze.

Gently plait the beads as shown in picture. make sure that you do not entangle the bangles. 3 plaits should be enough.

Take another wire and make a loop at the end ( take an appropriate length) .

Now make sure you hold the bangles in the proper order and feed the wire through the loops with a spacer bead in between. Close off by making another loop.

There it's done!

Now you can wear it where ever you like! Your wrist? your ankle? your neck? :-) feel free to experiment !

You can do various colors. Perhaps add more bling with silver beads. It's your choice!

Please try it out and let me see your creations!

And don't forget to vote! Thank you :-)



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Well documented 'Ible with clear instructions, good job! :D

Thank you Hunter! would love your vote once the tab comes :-)

Voted! :-) (sorry for the late reply) -> exam week!

Thanks! yes, seems like exams all over. It's term end and now holidays :-).

It's the Sinhala/Tamil New Year here so a long 5 day holiday for everyone!

Haha, I hope you have a good time! :-)

Thank you Marcellahella

Thank you :-)