Multi Beaded Plait Bangle - Choker/Bracelet/Ancklet

Picture of Multi Beaded Plait Bangle - Choker/Bracelet/Ancklet
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I like having jewelry which can be adjusted so that you may wear it in different parts of your body according to your moods ;-).

This is pretty simple and can be adjusted to the colors you like very easily.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Small beads in two colors.- Bronze and White (you could add more according to your preferences)

Craft wire small enough so that the tiny beads can go through.


Step 2:

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Cut 15 wires the same length. If you want to use as a choker, take it extra long so that it would wrap around your neck comfortable. If you want to use this same bangle for your hands too don't take too long as it might fall off your hands. Try and get a proper balance.

Take a length of wire and make a loop in one end.

Now add white beads, and fill up till you reach your required length. Make another loop at the other end closing the wire.

Wrap around a glass and try and bend to a nice circular shape.

Make 9 White and 6 Bronze.

hunter9991 year ago

Well documented 'Ible with clear instructions, good job! :D

shazni (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Thank you Hunter! would love your vote once the tab comes :-)

Voted! :-) (sorry for the late reply) -> exam week!

shazni (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Thanks! yes, seems like exams all over. It's term end and now holidays :-).

It's the Sinhala/Tamil New Year here so a long 5 day holiday for everyone!

Haha, I hope you have a good time! :-)

Soo pretty!!

shazni (author)  marcellahella1 year ago
Thank you Marcellahella
thehbird1 year ago
shazni (author)  thehbird1 year ago

Thank you :-)

786Ayesha1 year ago

Hey! you should have a contrast backround for your projects.Look! on the grass it looks much nicer than the white background.

shazni (author)  786Ayesha1 year ago

well I did take some of the final pictures on the grass. ..but it didn't come out well.These are obviously the best I had :-).

For the instructions I thought to go for white background cause I've noticed in some of the photo instuctables advised to do so to avoid distraction from the main object.

Wow....this is so versatile and beautiful Shazni :). I always wanted to say that you need more light in your pictures but this time they came up very clear and nice.

Good job done here.

shazni (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

Thanks! yes, I've noticed it too :-). This time I got myself a tripod so it's much easier to take pictures with one hand. Also usually I work during the night, hence the bad lighting. Will try somehow to get the main pictures during day in future projects :-)

Wow, this is so beautiful!! The color combination looks great. I love it!

shazni (author)  lindarose921 year ago

Thank you so much! It's lovely to here such lovely things at 1 in the morning ! :-)