Multi Bike Parking





Introduction: Multi Bike Parking

In needed a parking rack for week days to switch from commuting bike for the children carrier MTB to pick my daughter at school.

Step 1: You Need

A bit of wood
Sand Paper
Neutral Polish

Step 2: Sawing & Drilling

Check your bike's wheel width.
Mark pieces together, drill.
Add as many racks as you want.

Step 3: Make It Rainproof

Sand paper and two polish layers and your rack is ready for rainy days.

Step 4: Final Assembling



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6 Discussions

Sometimes it's so simple and neat you can't help but think "I should have thought of that"

I agree with gfry that the bikes can tip over, but I just a very similar one in my shed against a wall and it helps them stay i place.

You gotta be careful with this type of bike rack. I built one last summer, and over this passed winter, the weight of the snow on the bikes pushed them over onto each other and bent the rims. Its a great stand for quick use...but watch out if you are going to try to store the bikes in it for any length of time.

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Thanks for the tip but I'll store my bikes in my garage no snow in here !!