Multi Blade Box Cutter Mod





Introduction: Multi Blade Box Cutter Mod

I had an idea recently that a break away knife or box cutter should be more versatile.

They are really handy to carry in your pocket, they are safe to close up, they take up very little space and they are ergonomic. They are however restricted in what they can cut. Traditionally blades for cutting wood and steel are much larger. I noticed that bosch sell a flexi blade that is made to cut wood and light metal.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:

  • 1 box cutter that carries spare blades
  • 1 bosch flexi blade for reciprocating saw
  • A marker
  • A drill
  • A Dremel or sanding drum
  • Eye protection

Step 2: Prepare the Blade

The blade is too large to go straight into the knife body but you have a template in the form of the existing breakaway blade.

Line up the blades and mark the rear and the center of the hole. Using eye protection and securely claiming the blade down trim it off with the dremel and drill out the hole (5mm). The blade is also too deep to fit in so I polished off about 2mm from the top edge.

Step 3: Fit the Blade

The blade now fits into the carrier and slide for use, you can stow the knife blade in the carrier behind.

When you need a knife swap them around.

Step 4: Saw Away

The saw works great, I wouldn't attempt to cut down a tree with it but it cut a good straight fast line in this pine.

It's great to have in your pocket for camping or working, especially at height where it's awkward to carry larger or multiple saws and there may not be ample room to use them. Please remember how sharp all of this is and be careful when using it.



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Great idea, I don't like those box cutters, but a pocket saw would be very handy

Thanks, it is really handy. I'm not a fan of breakaways either but the fact that you have a knife, a wood saw and a hack saw all in one does appeal to me.

I hadn't read through it very well. I didn't realize yours had a spare blade carrier, so you can carry all 3 of those - That's even better

Sweet Jesus ! Nice work.