Step 4: Testing It Out

We found a small 4 switch button fro an old computer. Each one of the terminals will control one light. we also added a 9 volt battery which works great.

However we had a better idea, instead of using a small 4 switch - switch... you can use potentiometers that allow you have more control over the lighting system so if you make one of these, use potentiometers they have a way better effect :)

We placed everything on a small bread board following simple Switch circuits. i.e.

The power outlet for the light, goes to a battery positive terminal, the negative terminal goes to the switch , the other end of the switch goes to the Blue light. and so on until all the lights are connected following the same pattern.
<p>I've scavenged my broken scanner and making multicolor lamp is a great idea!<br>How many volts did you applied?</p>

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