Here's my first instructable for a LED safety light. I decided to make it after wanting to make some lights for my bike and after seeing some guides on LED wiring. First I was going to make a 4 LED light but ended up making it 8 for better illumination. Constructive criticism is welcomed. 

Step 1: I. Materials.


1. Hot Glue Gun, or Soldering Iron 
2. A Needle/ Safety Pin ( to heat up to make a small hole)


1. Mini m&m Container
2. 8 LEDS (color is your choice) 3.2v @ 25 ohms (estimate) bought as a multi-pack at RS
3. 4 100 ohm resistors
4. A piece of 3 inch wire
5. Toggle Switch (or equivalent) 
6. 1 9v battery
7. 1 9v snap connector
Really cute! I like your creativity! <br>

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