Picture of Multi-Eyeglass Holder/Pouch
My mother always loses her eyeglasses or misplaces them around the house. When she can't find a good pair she ends up just purchasing another one. Therefore, she has like 10 pairs of eyeglasses all over the house and still has trouble finding them in all the clutter. So, I made her this fabric eyeglass pouch so they will all be in one place. It has five compartments and some are bigger than the others so she can put more than one of the smaller pairs or even put sunglasses in as well because she can't always find those either. It is also hangable so that way she'll always know where it is.
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Step 1: Supplies you will need

Picture of Supplies you will need
1. Two different color fabrics. I chose a polka dot one for the outside and a thin purple one for the interior lining. You may want to iron your fabric if it's wrinkly, but I didn't. :)
- Cut two pieces of each that are 14.5" x 8.5".
- Also cut a piece of each in a triangle with a base of 13.5".
- Cut four strips of your main fabric that are 7" x 3". These will be your separators.
2. Needle and thread (I used the same color as my main fabric but you can do a contrasting one if you like it like that.)
3. Sewing machine (I used contrasting thread from my main fabric but you can do the same color as your main fabric. whatever floats your boat.)
4. Scissors
5. 1 square of felt in a matching color. (optional)
6. Button or embellishment (optional)
7. Sew on snap button (optional)
8. Sharpie
9. Ruler or measuring tape
10. Fabric glue

Step 2: Step 1: Sew the liner to the main fabric

First you need to sew a piece of each 14.5" x 8.5" fabric together. Place your liner fabric on top and sew a straight line down 3 sides leaving about half an inch of space all around. Sew three sides except for one of the 14.5" sides. Do the same thing for your other two pieces of 14.5" x 8.5" fabric. Cut off excess fabric.
hulagirl80810 months ago

Thank you for the pattern..what a great daughter you are!