Step 11: Seat in Action

Picture of Seat in Action
 The seat is sturdy enough to hold a decent sized adult.  It is as comfortable as any tripod camp stool can be, but it serves its purpose well for a trail side break.

Now if only it reclined and had a foot rest....

Below you can see the Hiking Staff Seat in conjunction with the light weight Backpacking Table described in the following Instructable:  http://www.instructables.com/id/Camp-Table-for-Backpacking/
locospud2 years ago
would you be able to sell one to me ?? locospud@hotmail.com ill pay ya for one
jsawyer3 years ago
This is Brilliant! I was thinking of using spliced 7/64" amsteel instead of the cable to keep it light and strong...

I was thinking bamboo for the poles, but that would prevent the ring keeper notches from being used. I love the Copper fittings!
PastTheVoid5 years ago
Are you camera shy?
Ender3D5 years ago

So much better then the one I was rolling around in my head.  Never would have thought of using the copper fittings.

jbicb35 years ago
Fantastic instructable! I wonder if adding the rubber feet from crutches, slit so they wrap around the cotter pin portion, might make the tops of the legs more user friendly?
PACW5 years ago
 Mercy sakes, this is perfect!  The photos are very well done, the instructions are clear and complete, and the project itself is great.  I am anxious to try this when my cubs get to WEBELOS!  

I would not have thought the cotter pins for the seat would have held . . . I take it you haven't had trouble with them bending or slipping out?
denport5 years ago
Great job.
foolswalk5 years ago
Brilliant! I have been fidgeting with a similar idea but yours is so much cleaner and stronger than mine. I was hung up on the joints.