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Introduction: Multi Functional Fridge Magnet

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What do you do with all those cool little cans that special candies and spices come in? If you ar like me you can't bear to part with them and you have plenty of traveling vitamin containers or button boxes. Make them into something useful for your home! A multi functional refrigerator magnet...holds your "stuff" inside and out!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need a hot glue gun, glue sticks, magnets and your empty tin of choice.

Step 2: Assemble

When the candies or spices are gone, remove the lid and glue the magnets to the back of the tin. The magnets will probably stick magnetically to the tin but I use a hot glue gun to reinforce them. Otherwise when you put things in the tin it can slide down the refrigerator door. That is also why I adhere a few magnets to the can, just to make it stronger so it can hold more weight.

Step 3: Stick It to Your Fridge and Fill It Up!



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    girlcousin you can purchase stronger magnets from amazon.

    Glad you liked my intractable and glad you tried it!

    I made one--found some great little cans at the Goodwill store--but the magnets really suck. Wish I could find some stronger ones. Plus, I used epoxy glue. Haven't had much luck with hot glue and metal. BTW--LOVE your tins!!

    magnet can.jpg

    Cool idea.... Unique and looks like it will be easy to put together... I love all your ideas, Thanks for posting them....

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    I love reusing tins. I have dozens of Twinnings tea tins at home that I've reused over the years. Great idea.

    Personally, I would glue a this piece of felt on the back of the magnets to prevent scratching the enamel on the fridge. Yes, it will weaken the hold of the magnet to the fridge, but will prevent scratches when the tin slides.

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    GREAT...glad you like my Instructable and good idea about the flexor any thin fabric for that matter!

    I like this idea quite a bit, thanks! My wife and I have a bunch of old, unique little containers like yours. Nice work!

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    Thank You very much!!!!
    I know those sorts of unique little tins and cans are hard to part with!