Multi Magnetic Levitation


Introduction: Multi Magnetic Levitation

Difficulty of realization 7/10

Step 1: How It Work

This is a diamagnetic levitation experiment. Many have made videos of levitation of a magnet, but not the levitation of more than one magnet in repulsion between them.

The tiles which levitate small magnets are made of pyrolytic graphite, diamagnetic material, it is weakly repelled by magnets. The big magnet over attracts magnets that I put on the graphite to lighten them. In this way the weak diamagnetic force generated by graphite can levitate small magnets.

The magnets above is important that they be large to obtain a large magnetic field, not powerful. In fact they are not needed neodymium magnets, enough of the big ferrite magnets. The magnets that levitate must be very small (light) and powerful, best neodymium magnets grade N52

The distance between the large magnets and pyrolytic graphite tiles it is very important and must be determined experimentally trying. This distance depends on the power of the magnets used. With the support structure I have built is still easy to find this distance by adjusting the distance of the floors by screwing or unscrewing the nuts.

Step 2: How It Make

the magnetic material that I used for the experiment:

2 big disk ferrite magnet 70x15 mm
2 pyrolytic graphite tiles 50x10 mm
6 little neodimium disk magnet 3x1 mm

I recycled the structure to space properly magnets and graphite by a levitation experiment with bismuth where you see how I build. Here is the link.

If you like this experiment visit and subscribe to my youtube channel "Magnetic Games"



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    really cool effect

    Nice! Never thought of making it wide enough for lots of floating magnets!