This instructable follows a new set of adventures 3DigtalCooks food printing adventures with multimaterial food pastes. This was born with the idea of being able to blend flavors during a print. But for that. We need first to be able to control it ;)

My inner critic told me keep it easy bro, that is why I decided to test everything first using colors. Simpler to spot how well is printing.

The printer used for the experiments is Pinya3.

Instead of using different nozzles, I decided to workout my newbie machining skills to made nozzle/s that handle the same material without offsets.

Step 1: Nozzles

The first nozzle tested is a coaxial nozzle. This is a nozzle withing another nozzle where the materials are not in contacted until they are extruded.

Shout out to Will Patrick for sharing his idea with me an making this possible!

It uses 1/8" barbed threaded (10-32) connector for the tubes.

Please check the video for a better look at it!

<p>This is awesome! I wonder if it would be possible to make a nozzle that has a mixer inside of the nozzle... so you could print gradients between your different pastes instead of just one or the other.</p>
<p>Hi Will! Thanks! How are you? I hope things are fine. I have seen some people trying some cool designs for dynamic mixing, but seems quite challenging, maybe one day... </p>
I'm good! <br><br>Yeah it definitely seems challenging .. look up 3D micromixers. I 3D printed a micromixer once that worked pretty well. You might be able to try a similar approach.<br><br>[This is a non 3D printed one]<br>http://spie.org/newsroom/4150-how-to-make-a-3d-micromixer<br><br>
<p>Thanks! I will take a look into it. I hope once things settle i have time to work on it again, is an exciting project</p>
<p>This makes me wish I had the Food and Paste Extruder for my Printrbot!</p>
<p>Printrbot has their own paste extruder for sale, you could give it a try ;)</p>
awesome !!!! very creative mind! love it!<br>
<p>Thank you for your words :)</p>

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