Picture of Multi-Moded Hack-Cam using Arduino

Well, this is my first post. I made something that will make my
summer productive but it took only 1 day to finish this project, from planning to coding and to fabricating. Luckily, almost half of materials I used are salvaged and some are just stocked in the corner waiting to be touched. Believe me or not, I spend nothing 'cause I'm a bit resourceful.

This project uses mainly Gizduino(Arduino Clone here in the Philippines), a cdr-king spy keychain(808 cam), ultrasonic distance sensor and a bunch of resistors, bright LEDs, buttons and wires.

You can find here how I hacked the spycam


and the Gizduino and distance sensor, you can find here


It has 3 modes, first is Normal mode where it act as normal digicam using the button as shutter. Second is Time-lapse mode where you can leave this device while continuously taking images with 3 seconds interval. And lastly, Auto mode where it captures image when an object or human is detected with in 1 meter range.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

For the materials

You'll be needing an


808 spy cam

Distance sensor


1k and 330R resistors 1/4W

Clear white LEDs


Push-button Switch

Red and Green LED

A Box or container

For the Tools

You should have



Long-Nose Plier

Side-Cutting Plier

Drill and drill bits


Screw Driver

Soldering Iron and lead

Soldering Holder


Step 2: Start Hacking

Picture of Start Hacking

Here is a helpful link on how you can hack this spy cam


The little PCB on the picture is where I made my circuit, 2 led indicators and limiting resistors. For the trigger switch, I just made a voltage-divider to make 3.3V or near to that voltage logic level. I use 1k and 330R resistors

That time laps looks really cool!