Picture of Multi-Purpose Grapple
This is a Multi-Purpose Grapple used for to extend fan switch pulls strings...For little army toys as a rock climbing toy...For fishing with little fish.
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Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Picture of Gathering Supplies
First you will need 4 Paper clips. One long string and a Rubber Band and Scotch Tape.

Bend the paper clips as shown below.

Step 2: Assembling the Paper Clips

Picture of Assembling the Paper Clips
Place the paper clips back to backs and add the other one in the middle as shown below.

Step 3: Attaching the Rubber Band

Picture of Attaching the Rubber Band
This is how you attach the Paper Clips together by placing a rubber band around them.

Step 4: Assembling the extra Paper Clip

Picture of Assembling the extra Paper Clip
The 4th Paper clip is slightly bent and you shove it down in behind the rubber band.

Step 5: Attaching a String and the nail

Picture of Attaching a String and the nail
This step you slide the string through the little hoop on the last or 4th paper clip. You tie a knot to the paper clip. Then put the nail on the opposite end of the string and wrap it on and tape it.
I so used it for fishing with little fishies.
Austinbwood8 years ago
Whats the nail for? Just wondering...
i dont know eather
hiya bill gates
sasuke31 (author)  Austinbwood7 years ago
I used it for a grip but it can be used diff
probably a grip... or perhaps he uses it as a weight...
avwos6 years ago
hmmmmmm... looks expensive.
"hmmmmmm... looks expensive." Yeah that looks like 3-5 bucks. I hope that isn't what u call expensive because if it is then u should sell ur computer. lol
they was being sarcastic
it looks free
TheStott4 years ago
that's totally awesome =) lol
what is the nail for?
its probbly supposed to be like how in the movies they through the hiik and then stick the nail into somethin so the can climb across the rope
ohhh thanks.
no prob.
wanna be frends?
ummmm idk you?
I dont have very many frends =(
to through duh
sasuke31 (author) 7 years ago
if theres any thing you want me to look at post a diff comment
badrang48 years ago
cool but art ther like 10 of these on the site?
sasuke31 (author)  badrang48 years ago
yes but those are not as good as mine
HamO sasuke318 years ago
yeah, but most of them have better pix!!!
sasuke31 (author)  HamO7 years ago
so at least i didnt put in all words
sasuke31 (author)  HamO8 years ago
you can use diffrent types of paper clips
sasuke31 (author)  sasuke317 years ago
i know its all i could find
HamO sasuke318 years ago
And that will give you better pix?
joemonkey HamO8 years ago
i agree!
you cant fish with one-a those maybe if you got way lucky you could hook afish but it would slide off. theirs no barb
you dont need barb u just have to sharpen it
what keeps the fish on the hook then?
your good tug
when the fish bites the hook it starts to go away from you then the hook will still stay on the fish
if u but bait on it they swallow it being the dumb fish they are and you pull it up having it hooked hopefull on the lip or on the mouth somewhere
shadow129528 years ago
actually i catch fish w/ paper clips all the time but i sharpen them w/ a file. i use this but tie fishing line and corn as bait and its easy to catch them
badrang48 years ago
cool! gota make me 1 of these
sasuke31 (author) 8 years ago
thank you guys for commenting.