Multi-Shack Portable Shelter


Introduction: Multi-Shack Portable Shelter

About: I am a long time off-grid homesteader and I live year round in a solar cabin I designed and built myself. I use solar and wind power, passive solar heat and water, and a solar composting toilet. I like to ...

These are plans to build a 4x6 structure on casters or a trailer that can be used for homeless or emergency shelter or as a kid's playhouse, spare guest room, office, business, or many other uses.

Material List:

(4) 4 inch swivel casters

(8) sheets 4x8 7/16” OSB or plywood

(14) 2x4x8 lumber

(6) 2x2x8 lumber

(2) Bundles roofing shingles

Approximate Cost: $200

Click on the PDF download link for full color plans: DOWNLOAD PDF PLANS

Plans are 15 pages full color and printable. You may share the plans and please share the Instructable with your friends and family and on your social networks.

I have many more small shelter, micro-camper, and survival project plans on my website.

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    Hey folks, if you like these plans please make sure you VOTE on the orange vote button on the top right of the Instructable and thanks!

    Another great design LaMar! I'm planning to build a modified version of your Vetsport trailer next fall. I want to build it so I can remove it from my 5x8 utility trailer.Casters may be the solution.

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    Right on Brian! Have you looked at the Wombat micro-camper design?

    It is actually a better design than the Vetsport and easier to build. I will send you the plans if you will build one.

    Here is an overview of my own off grid cabin and many of the projects I have built or were built from my plans:

    I have built many many small structures including the cabin I now live in. Construction is basic and you are welcome to visit my website to see the many structures I build. I can not afford to build all projects I design so I provide the plans for others. I am a professional architectural draftsman.

    Have you built one of these? I'd like to see a picture if you have! Thanks

    Nice! I use sketchup too, I designed my coop with it!

    I also have a new Bikesport Micro-Camper Plans.

    Sorry about that. I had the link wrong. I fixed it and click where it says DOWNLOAD PDF PLANS.