Four skulls fused together... it's either a mix-up at the radiation lab or some kind of wacky eternal torment deal... you be the judge.
AWESOMETASTIC! I'm going to be creating this for Halloween this year!
Redwolf11252 years ago
mcraghead (author)  Redwolf11252 years ago
Hey, thanks man. I was totally going for awesomesaucey!
tinker2343 years ago
wow i wou;d love to carve something like this in wood
una_amor3 years ago
Amazing pumpkin. reminds me of the original "The Thing". Brilliant!
nspirit3 years ago
The most disturbing ans scary pumpkin i ever saw
mcraghead (author)  nspirit3 years ago
Wow, many thanks!
Jally93 years ago
That looks great! :)
Wow, that looks great. Very creepy.
scoochmaroo3 years ago