Step 2: Finger Loop Braid 2 - Square Braid

Picture of Finger Loop Braid 2 - Square Braid
This pattern makes a really nice square braid.

We will start out the same way as the first braid.

2 Loops on the left hand - LMiddle and LRing.
3 Loops on the right hand - RIndex, RMiddle and RRing.

Move your LIndex and LThumb through BOTH the LMiddle and the LRing loops. Just like you did on the first braid. Then take RRing Reversed.

Walk the bows on the Right from RIndex and RMiddle, to RMiddle and RRing.

Now we do the same pattern.

Move your RIndex and RThumb through BOTH the RMiddle and the RRing loops.Then take LRing Reversed.

Just repeat that to the end.

Video with Close Up on my hands:

Full view shot:

rustymia5 years ago
 how do u ti up the rope and how do u end it
Steve Bob
SFHandyman (author)  rustymia5 years ago
I don't actually make anything out of them. I just wanted to show you how to make the braid. You can look at other bracelet Instructables to see how they finished theirs. There are some links to related Instructables on this page.
dextre_neji5 years ago
yu hav a beard!
flytape84906 years ago
somehow, this keeps giving me the split braid. :-\
SFHandyman (author)  flytape84906 years ago
Common problem. When you take a loop from one hand to the other, you have a choice on how to grab it. You can stick your index finger through the middle of the loop. Hook the top rope in the loop, and take it onto your other hand. That is - taking it unreversed. If you put your index finger under whole loop (not through the middle of the loop, under it), you can take the rope reversed. Put your index under both strands of the loop, hook your index finger upwards and grab the string on the bottom half of the loop. That's taking it reversed. You can see, when you move that loop over to your other hand, it flips over. The other way - reaching through the middle of the loop and grabbing the top rope - unreversed - does not flip over. That is what you are doing wrong. The only difference between those two braids is how you take that loop. One braid is taken unreversed and the other braid takes the loop reversed. Which ever you are doing - do the other one. You aren't the only one who wrote me about this hahaha.