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Step 1: Make the bottom

Picture of Make the bottom
I'm not going to get too specific with measurements here, since my goal was to make a one size fits all dispenser.  I just took all the rolls of tape I had lying around and put them next to each other and added significant length to accommodate the tape I had and allow for some additional roles of different types in the future.  The fat tape types like duct tape, packing tape and  painters tape all have a hole in the middle that will be accommodated by the 3" pvc, and the electrical tape and tapes with a similar sized central opening will be taken care of by the 1.5" PVC... look at the picture, understand that the two types are separated by ~1" and adjust to accommodate whatever tape you have lying around plus some.  Cut a bottom piece long enough at the full width of the fence slat.  I made mine 22" long.
BIGB3AR3 years ago
Amazing, works great!
This is nice! This inspired me to make a similar, but simpler contraption.
TabbyDeAnne3 years ago
YES! This is great! I use several different kinds of tape on any given project and this is gonna come in very handy! Thanks for sharing! 5 Stars.
alivia3 years ago
Excellent! I think I might add a handle for easier carrying! Thank you!
zazenergy4 years ago
Such a great idea! Thanks!
badpanda (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!
kansasa4 years ago
What a great instructable! I think I'm going to make this. Thanks. :)
badpanda (author)  kansasa4 years ago
Thank you :)
pfred24 years ago
I need to do something with my tape roll bin. Something like this would not work out well for me though. But it has given me an idea ...

badpanda (author)  pfred24 years ago
Run with it! :)
pfred2 badpanda4 years ago
I think I am going to stick with it.
badpanda (author) 4 years ago
I see a similar design previously posted here http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-an-Easy-to-use-Tape-Dispenser/ that wouldn't require a router and may suit peoples needs fine. Whatever floats your boat.